Diggerland Kent

This weekend we visited Diggerland Kent, for a fun-filled sunny day out with the kids. We’ve visited before, three years ago, so I was interested to see what the boys made of it now that they are a bit older, and to take our toddler N to experience Diggerland for the first time.

Diggerland has a variety of rides and activities to suit all ages from toddlers to adults, many of the attractions featuring real diggers that you can ride or operate.

The boys (ages 6, 8 and 10) firm favourite this visit was the Spindizzy ride, which spins you around high in the air, seated inside the claw of a digger! This is the most fast paced ride in Diggerland, and you see it in front of you as soon as you enter the park.

Driving the robots was another favourite activity. These are small vehicles that are steered with a joy stick type of mechanism over a bumpy terrain.

All three of the boys were able to drive these on their own, as they are over 1 metre tall but for younger children they can drive together with an adult.

If your child is over 140cm they can also drive a real car in the joyrider activity, which I think is such a great idea to give them a chance to get behind the wheel. The earlier they can get experience the better! Z was just about a cm too short to try it, so we will definitely do that next time if we get chance to visit again.

Another fun and slightly challenging ride was handling the dirt diggers. It takes a minute to get used to the controls and really master how to pick up the dirt with the claw then move it from place to place and tip it out, but they soon got the hang of it and enjoyed being able to operate the machinery independently

Again, all three boys were able to do this alone as they are over 1 metre tall but younger kids can do it together with a parent

You can also do games with some of the diggers like bowling skittles, or dipping for ducks. There are so many different opportunities to ride and handle the diggers, which is pretty cool as it’s such a unique concept for a theme park. If you had a child who is really into diggers, they will absolutely be in heaven with it! But for all kids, I think the novelty and uniqueness of the park really makes it fun and we all enjoyed it.

As well as operating the diggers, there are a few more rides that are made out of diggers, although now that my boys are a bit older the Spindizzy was the definite favourite as it is the more thrilling ride.

The Sky Shuttle takes you high in the air to get a good view of all around

And the Dig Around is a carousel type ride which spins you around, also swinging your digger seat out to the side. This had been the boys favourite ride when we visited in the past, when they would have been around age 4-6.

For our youngest, who is age 18 months, the Little Tikes play area was definitely her favourite section of Diggerland. There is also an indoor soft play area, which we didn’t use in this visit but would be great on a rainy day.

The Little Tikes area has plenty of Cosy Coupee cars, slides, play houses and little vehicles to play with and is ideal if you have a younger toddler who is not really big enough to go on the rides or operate the diggers. All of the play activities here are very suited to this age group, and it kept N happy for quite a while!

This area is at the front of the park, next to the soft play, and the Dig Inn cafe. Diggerland is fairly compact, compared to larger theme parks or farm parks, so it’s easy to find your way around and was easy for us to split up for a bit with one parent staying in the Little Tikes are with N and the other taking the boys around some of the older activities, then finding each other again quickly and easily.

N also enjoyed just wandering around the park and watching everyone operating the diggers.

We didn’t have to queue for the activities for very long at all, or in some cases they walked straight on to the rides. This makes it more relaxing for the adults and less frustrating for the kids! All of the attractions are included in the entry price, apart from the dodgems and a couple of smaller coin operated rides.

Overall, Diggerland was a fun day out for all of us and catered for all ages really well. It’s very unique, and definitely worth a visit.

We received tickets in order to review Diggerland

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