Ravensburger GraviTrax Review Starter Set and Expansions

GraviTrax is a new STEM track system from Ravensburger which allows kids to experiment with gravity, magnetism and kinetic energy – learning as they play.

My boys were really keen to try out this set, and we have been having a lot of fun with it. The interactive track system of the Gravitrax set encourages problem solving and critical thinking and more importantly it is just really cool and fun! Children will learn about the laws of gravity while putting together their own fantastic tracks.

The Gravitrax system is a great gift idea for older boys or girls, of around 8 years and upwards. When the holiday season rolls around, this age group can be quite hard to buy for, but Gravitrax was a hit with our kids.

If you are looking for construction toys and a STEM system that can really engage older children – Gravitrax is a great option which gives endless new combinations for a fun learning experience. For us, it has been one of the best STEM toys, offering hours of fun.

Gravitrax Review

Let us take you through our Ravensburger Gravitrax Review – First taking a look at the Gravitrax Starter Set

Gravitrax Starter Set

The GraviTrax starter set comes with over 120 pieces included, and a booklet which gives you instructions and plans for a variety of levels of difficulty with easy, medium and hard tracks to build with the components included.

The number of pieces included in the Starter Kit is very reasonable with over 100 components of small height tiles and large height tiles, you have plenty to explore and enough to create different track layouts.

Add in the Gravitrax expansions on top of that and there are endless possibilities!

Kids can follow the example tracks and track designs in the included booklet or create their own track design and own marble runs with metal balls running in different directions using the power of gravity.

Gravitrax starter set instruction booklet

Among the pieces and variety of tiles included you get 6 gravity spheres that will move along the track, rails of different lengths and two hexagon shaped pieces which can be built up to provide varying heights of marble track, see through pieces to create transparent levels, base plates to allow you to build multi level tracks and some cool feature pieces like a magnetic cannon and a free fall base, which let you add more variety to your designs so young minds can explore new ideas.

The many different elements add so much fun!

building gravitrax tracks

Once you’ve made a couple of tracks by following the plans, you can also start to branch out to creating and experimenting your own tracks. I found free-styling with their own designs really got the boys thinking as they created the track by trial and error – considering whether the gravity spheres are moving too slowly, or too fast and flying off the track, then what do you need to change? With a couple of adjustments here and there, they soon managed to create some great tracks.

Kids will love creating their own race tracks for the marbles. My boys had the idea to create a World Cup themed track, where they could launch two gravity spheres at the same time, with each one representing a football theme. Whichever one got to the end first and crossed the finish line, would be the winner of that match, so they decided to make this double sided track below.

Gravitrax race tracks

And this is one of the simpler tracks we made, from the easy section of the blueprint booklet.

Gravitrax STEM toy building

All of the tracks use the cardboard base to sit on, which makes them really stable and is a great idea. You can place the base on slightly uneven surface like a rug or carpet, and it still stays very stable which is great! The pieces don’t come apart by mistake when you’re building, which avoids a lot of frustration. We found the set very well designed, and easy to use.

Gravitrax starter set

What Age for GraviTrax?

GraviTrax is recommended for the age range of 8 year olds and up, which I would say is about right, although slightly younger would be fine with it too. It interested all three of my boys, ages 6, 8 and 10 years old. There are small parts so it is better for older kids, and wait a few years before introducing the Gravitrax Track System to toddlers or preschoolers.

This toy can be played with just one player, or work together to create even bigger tracks. This is a nice alternative to a family board game night to mix things up a bit!

Gravitrax is a brilliant creative toy that will appeal to children with a logical mind, who enjoy engineering type challenges and exploring different construction elements.

This toy has such a good balance between being a lot of fun but also offering so much educational value. We would definitely recommend trying out this interactive ball track system.

GraviTrax Expansions

GraviTrax can be expanded even further with extra packs and add ons – take a look at our detailed Gravitrax expansion packs review for information on the additional Gravitrax expansion sets. If your kids love Gravitrax then introducing additional elements just makes it even more fun.

The GraviTrax starter set is available at Amazon for around RRP 49.99 (amazon affiliate links included)

Gravitrax App

Gravitrax also have a free app available for iPhone or android.

The free GraviTrax app allows you to design action-packed tracks with the building editor, and race using different gravity spheres and camera perspectives. Whether you want to start small or build big, the possibilities are endless!

Once your track is complete, you can test your system and use the blueprints to build the actual system with your GraviTrax set. Experience your track in action from the gravity sphere’s point of view using the Virtual Reality feature. A VR headset is recommended to use this feature.

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