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I always knew Hape for their quality wooden toys, but I didn’t realise they had some crafty toys too, until we tried this King of the Jungle Sand Art set. This set is suitable for age 3+ and so it was perfect for my youngest, R who is 4. I could see it being enjoyed by older children too (my 6 and 7 year old both love this type of thing too), and would be a really satisfying project to complete.

sand art lion craft

The set comes with 8 colours of sand, and a wooden back lion image with separate sections to peel off and colour individually, and you also get some coloured laces to thread through the frame as an extra decoration.

IMG_3371The lion image is split into little squares to allow you to make a multicoloured mosaic effect within the picture, and each part that you peel off revels a sticky section underneath. R was able to manage this craft quite easily himself, with a little help here and there with the peeling.


There’s plenty of sand in the tubes, more than required to complete the picture so if your child is heavy handed with it or does spill some, then you would still have enough to complete the lion picture.


The coloured sand that’s included is good quality, with all of the colours nice and vibrant. The colours included are: red, blue, light green and bright green, yellow, orange, purple and black.


This project makes a great quiet time activity for a rainy day at home, and takes a good while to complete. The set only includes one picture to complete, but since it is on the wooden backing it makes the finished craft nice to keep and display in your child’s room. We have had other sand art sets before that are a little cheaper, but overall the feel and quality of this set is better so if you want a higher quality set, or to give a sand art set as a gift this one would be a good option.

R really enjoyed making this sand art picture, and was proud of his result.


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  1. Anna, the Hape King of the Jungle Sand Art set looks like a fantastic craft activity! It’s great to see how engaged and focused R was while creating the colorful sand mosaic. The finished lion picture is impressive and makes a lovely keepsake. Thanks for sharing this fun and creative craft with us! 🦁🎨


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