Ways To Create Festive Christmas Cards For The Holidays

Keep the festive spirit alive by making your own unique Christmas cards, each with a personalised touch. From modern art themes, using fluid acrylic pouring to traditional button designs, try out these easy DIY card designs that are sure to put your loved ones in the Christmas mood.

Family-friendly fingerprint card

Fingerprint cards are the perfect crafting activity for little artists in the making. Not only are they cheap to make, they are a great way of incorporating each member of the immediate family into the design. All you’ll need for these fingerprint cards is card stock, festive coloured paint and optional decorations, such as sequins and stickers. Learn how to make them here.

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DIY Nursery Star Mobile 

Good morning In the Playroom Readers! My name is Marlene and I run the fashion and lifestyle blog, Life with Mar, which helps modern moms feel stylish with simple tips and everyday outfit ideas.  

 I’m not a huge DIY person, but when I came across this nursery star mobile for my son’s nursery, I just HAD to have it! 

 The price tag, however, turned me off. And I quickly realized this was an easy enough project I could tackle myself!  

 If I can do this project, anyone can. Not only is it affordable, it’s nice to have something homemade for baby to display in the nursery. Here’s how to make your very own DIY nursery star mobile. 


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DIY Kids Kite Craft + Printables

One of the main challenges of summer can be getting the kids out of the house. It definitely takes a lot to get them to play outside, and it’s never long before they are back indoors on their devices. But don’t give up! There are still fun, screen-free ways to get the little ones outdoors.

One trick that always gets my kiddos excited is craft time. So, why not make a craft they can use while outdoors? That’s right, have your kids help make a DIY kite! This fun project will keep things fresh and exciting for everyone. Have your big kids help make the kite (there is a little bit of sawing involved), and your younger ones can help decorate. Once they see the final product that they helped create, they will be so excited to go use it outside.

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Nature Hunting with Bing

Summer is here, and all N wants to do these days is get outside! We took some inspiration from Bing, and the new Bings Garden Lift the Flap book from Harper Collins, and decided to make a nature collage for a fun and creative outdoor activity.

There’s also a free printable spinning rainbow wheel that you can get from the Bing website, to use for your collage. Spin the wheel, then find something of that colour to stick on your collage. Will it be a green leaf, a yellow dandelion or maybe a red flower petal? Download yours here

We just made a little hole and then stuck ours on top of a spinning top toy that we had in the house – super easy!

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Fun to Learn Friends Art Magazine

Fun to Learn Friends Art magazine is a creative magazine offering a great variety of screen free activities for young children, including many of their favourite characters. These activities can be done independently, or together with family depending on your child’s age and level.

Each issue is 36 pages long, and is themed around a topic. Each issue of the magazine includes inspirational ideas to make, design, colour and draw, along with lots of interactive stickers, and a 4 page cut-out card activity. You also get a cover mount gift each time, which is a craft kit with all the necessary parts to make a wonderful themed creation that is explored and explained within the magazine.

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Three art projects for kids based on famous artists

As Pablo Picasso once said, every child is an artist. Kids are naturally inquisitive and always want to try different things, artistically or otherwise, and letting your children get hands-on with art is important to their development. Not only does encouraging their creativity give you an opportunity to spend some quality time together, but research shows it can help with their social and emotional development.

To help you encourage your kids to nurture their skills, we have outlined three art projects that you can try at home. Each of these takes inspiration from the greats of the art world. Try these projects with your kids to get their creative juices flowing, foster their artistic ability, and have fun-filled family time together.

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14 Simple Toddler Crafts and Activities with Supplies from Around the House

As babies turn into toddlers, they start to sleep less and need a lot more entertaining! But as their attention span slowly increases, and they stop putting everything in their mouths, it’s a great chance to start introducing a few more craft activities to keep them occupied. Luckily, there are so many simple crafts and play ideas that you can set up for your toddler using office supplies or stationery that you already have around the house, or that can be picked up easily and cheaply.

Here are a few of the ideas I’ve enjoyed with my children – either with my toddler N who is currently 17 months old, or with my boys when they were in the toddler stage.

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Crafting with your LEGO Advent Calendar

As December is almost coming to an end, and the big day is almost here.. you might be getting ready to throw your advent calendar packaging in the bin, but wait! If you have a LEGO advent calendar, why not get busy with some of these craft ideas instead?

We were sent the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar, which is one of the sustainable LEGO advent calendars this year. The other themes being LEGO City and LEGO Friends.

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Types of beads used for making jewelry

Do you realize that beads have been found in graves of men who passed away quite a while ago – many, many years ago! There are tons of random discoveries as well: Analysts have found three glass beads from a Fifth Century restoration site in Japan. In Africa, glass bead jewelry has been discovered which goes back to 300 BC. Seems like beads have been in fashion for quite some time!

Indeed, even today there are many modern uses of beads, whether they are made in a factory or made at home. Bead designs are done on bags, coats, tops, pins, pendants, satchels belts, caps and even shoes – you name a garment/accessory and you will discover beads adorning it, making it look special.

It is not just the best couture designers who are entranced by beads. Regular men and women like you and me have been striving to make their own sleek designs, which is generally called DIY. The DIY bead community is in full force in 2017, with tons of really cools DIY jewelry bead options. We found a really cool resource here for DIY beads.

Beads come in various types, sizes and materials. They are made of wood, shell, plastic, pottery, metal and even bone. Checkout the distinctive sorts of beads we famously utilize for bead jewelry.

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Super Sparkly Jellyfish (an easy-peasy craft project)

Thanks so much to Anna for having me over to share a guest post with you. My name is Neve and I blog over at wetheparents.org where I seek to bring out the humour in parenting and get nerdy researching and reviewing the gear that mums and dads (apparently) need.

As the mother of a highly sociable 4-year-old, I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy craft ideas to break up her playdates. At this age, after an hour or so, even best friends start to squabble. So this is the time to switch things up, change the dynamic and focus in on something creative.

I’d like to share an easy-peasy project that went down a storm at a playdate last week: The Super Sparkly Jellyfish!

My daughter and her friend had just returned from nursery where they had been learning about holidays. The talk was all about sun, sea, sand, and ice cream. After wistfully dreaming I was on a beach with a mojito, I returned to the real-world and set about planning a seaside themed project. The girls were super excited to make jellyfish, and so here’s how we did it:

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