18 Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Crafts for Teens to Make and Give

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to get creative with those kids of yours. We’ve all seen those cute holiday crafts for toddlers and kids, but this post is for teens who want to do something with their own hands.

DIY Christmas crafts are one of the most popular seasonal activities. With older kids and teenagers at home for the school Christmas holidays, it can be hard to find things to do. This holiday season, why not give your child something to create and enjoy with his or her friends?

Below you’ll find 18 easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas crafts that any teen will love to make.

18 easy and affordable diy gift ideas and christmas crafts for teens to make

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Over 20 Easy Christmas Cards That Kids Can Make

Today we’re sharing home made Christmas cards that kids can make. All of the Christmas card ideas that we’ve gathered here are easy and simple, with something to suit kids of all ages.

Even the youngest kids can get involved in making these cute handprint and footprint Christmas card ideas, these work really well for Christmas card ideas for babies.

Or perhaps your kids are getting ready to hand out their Christmas cards to their school friends and neighbours already.

If the children would like to put more of a home made and personal stamp on their cards, then check out these simple ideas that they will enjoy making.

Christmas time is a season of crafting and making your own Christmas cards is one of our favourite ways to get creative at this time of year.

20 Simple Christmas Card Designs That Kids Can Make. I love these Easy DIY Christmas Card Designs

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DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Craft

Can you believe December is almost here? A fun craft to make with kids to mark the coming of this festive month, is to make your own advent calendar.

It’s easy and fun to do, and will appeal to kids of all ages. There are lots of different ways to try out making your own advent calendars. 

Today we will show you a simple and cute DIY advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

The finished result of this easy advent calendar looks great, and the best part is you can fill it up with whatever advent surprises and treats you prefer so it is totally personalised.

This Christmas Tree advent calendar craft is made from cardboard toilet paper roll tubes and a few basic craft supplies.

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Wrapping Paper Photo Frames Craft for Kids

Today we have a beautiful personalised photo Christmas tree ornament craft to share with you all, from the Christmas Craft Book by Laura Minter and Tia Williams.

This craft is easy and fun to make, making use of left over wrapping paper for a gorgeous upcycled ornament for your Christmas tree.

As these Christmas tree decorations feature your child’s photograph, they will also make a lovely handmade gift for relatives – Grandparents will particularly love them!

They will make a cute keepsake to hang up on the tree year after year.

Wrapping Paper Photo Frames

These personalized photo-frame ornaments are a great keepsake to hang on the tree each year. They use scraps of wrapping paper and cardboard so are a great way to use up materials that would otherwise go to waste. 

kids craft christmas tree ornaments made from recycled wrapping paper

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Elf Bookmark Craft for Kids with Free Printable Template

Christmas is on it’s way, and with Christmas comes all sorts of holiday festivities. One tradition that many families enjoy is reading holiday-themed books together like Clement Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas” or “The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs.

To make your festive reading more special, here, is an elf bookmark craft activity for young children to enjoy during the season.

Making your own bookmarks is a simple paper craft, but one that will provide hours of enjoyment as kids can keep it to use it over and over again with all their favourite books.

These bookmarks can also be made and given as a simple and sweet home made gift to their friends.

Make your own Elf Bookmark Craft with our free printable template

Elf bookmark craft with printable template

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Gingerbread Man Paint Stamping

This Gingerbread Man Paint Stamping activity is a super easy Gingerbread Man craft for toddlers but can be used with kids of all ages.

All you need are a few basic craft supplies that you probably already have around the house and children can get creative printing and designing their own gingerbread man family for a fun and simple festive activity.

This project is great for a Winter craft idea and also works as a tie in activity if you are doing a nursery rhyme or fairytale topic looking at the classic story of The Little Gingerbread Man.

Gingerbread man paint stamping easy craft activity for kids using a ginger bread cookie cutter to make prints

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Mickey Mouse Printable Snowflake Paper Crafts

Decorate your house like a Winter Wonderland for the holiday season, with everyone’s favourite mouse – Mickey Mouse! Our free printable snowflakes make this craft super easy and quick to put together.

Today we have three free printable Mickey Mouse snowflake templates to share with you. These can be used for a super easy and cute paper craft for a Disney Christmas decoration, or can even be used as Mickey Mouse Christmas coloring pages or snowflake coloring pages – It’s super versatile!

Free printable Mickey Mouse snowflake templates for christmas decorations or use as coloring pages

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Unicorns and Dragons Toilet Paper Roll Craft & Storytime

Today we will share a Unicorn and Dragon Story time and Craft, made using toilet paper rolls. 

We all love crafts. They’re a great way to keep the kids entertained and they also help strengthen their creativity and imagination. One of the best things about crafts is that there are so many different ones out there, you’ll never get bored! Here, we will show you how to have your own Unicorn and Dragon story time and craft session with this cute unicorns and dragons made using toilet paper rolls.

It’s easy as pie (or as easy as toilet paper) and any child (or grown-up) can do it! Not only is this project adorable, but it’s also educational. We have included a couple of book recommendations to go alongside the crafting. 

Plus, the materials are completely free making it super budget friendly. Scroll down for instructions on how to make one!

Unicorns and Dragons Storytime and Craft

Super easy Unicorn toilet paper roll and Dragon Toilet paper roll crafts for kids. These are so simple to make, great craft idea for toddlers and there are recommended story books to go alongside to create a craft and story time session

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