Busy Mom Workout Schedule

Life is messy enough for the corporate woman trying to balance work and family life, and well….still keep fit. Throw a baby into the mixand you’ll hardly find any let up in the cycle of chores that need done, not to mention some spare time for the gym.  The worst part is, this can’t be a more inconvenient time to not be able to work out, especially with all those post-partum changes taking their toll on your “girlish” body.

You don’t have to live with all the imperfectionsthat come with childbirth or throw in the towel on your fitness efforts.  A bit of compromise and a little creativity is all it takes tomake the most out of those few minutes in each day. But how? Luckily, you have ended up on the right page. 

I will be taking you through some smart ways to train and keep fit even when taking care of the kids, working, and perhaps, still being a wife and mom at home. 

Busy mom workout schedule. How to fit in working out and keeping fit while looking after the kids

What are the Best Workouts for Moms with Toddlers?

There’s a common misconception that moms with toddlers will have a hardertime exercising than those whose kids are older. But the opposite is quite the case. 

The thing is, toddlers spend most of the day napping, and thus allowing you to do house chores with plenty of time to spare. 

You can do just about everything and still have a great deal of time for your workout sessions. Sounds cool, right?

Not so fast though…

Before you get ahead of yourself and jump in on it, you need to consider several factors to ensure your body has recovered enough to stand the strain that comes with exercise. 

Have you…

  • Been checked for prolapsed and diastasis recti?
  • Been declaredfit for exercise by your physician?
  • Regained enough body strength to cope with increase in heartrate?
  • Can your pelvic section withstand squats and other exercises that trigger bowel movement?

If you can check all these boxes confidently, then you are fit to hit the floor again and resume your workout efforts. 

With that out of the way, let us look at some exercises that you can do safely at this stage. Just one more thing; remember, it’s still a tad too early to go all out on your workout efforts. 

Take it easy and slow at first, you can step on the gas as time goes by.

Now that you are set to get your workout sessions underway again, here are some exercises you can start on;

  • Jogging on a stroller; You will need this for cardio.  
  • Figure-eight lunges; These are awesome at toning your body, quite fast actually. The best part is, it’s easy enough even for beginners to learn; and no, you won’t need any equipment here. 
  • Hit the floor; It might be fun, but dancing is every bit as helpful in raising your heart rate and burning calories too.

30 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

Let’s face it, just about every mom out there is quite busy almost round the clock. But that shouldn’t stop you from setting aside even a few minutes to burn those extra calories, should it?

Fortunately, there’s a laundry list of great exercises that you can do to keep in shape even when time is at a premium. So let’s jump right in and get a closer look at some of them;


A few stretches will get your muscles in top shape even though they might not bulk up as you would want them to. But what you want is to keep fit in these lean times anyway, at least for now. Such stretches as hamstring stretches, calf stretches, and spine twists will go a long way to keeping you in the best shape possible. 

Circuit training

The one thing that makes this option a favorite for many is that circuits are sure to prod just about every part of your body. By this, I mean both the upper as well as lower body.Not forgetting, you also get to targeting large and small muscles alike. 

Better yet, these are good at hitting that core; yeah, you also want to get rid of that mom’s belly.

The only caveat is, you will need to get a machine for your home gym to tap into these perks. But trust me; the cost of money and space is well worth it if you get to burn fat and build muscle at home. 

Try even more machine workout 

Another great way to make the most out of those few minutes available to you somewhere in the middle of a crazy schedule is hopping on your elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike. 

For the stationary bike, you can get a recumbent one if your back isn’t yet fully recovered. 

But the point here is, any of these machines will give you one heck of a workout even within this seemingly short timeframe. So don’t forego the chance to make a change on the excuse that you don’t have time; make every minute count. 

Aqua aerobics

If you have a nearby gym with a pool, or you have one at home, then you are in luck. With aqua aerobics incorporating a variety of workouts with handheld weights like dumbbells and even some ankle weights, you get to work your limps quite effectively. 

And yeah, a water workout is a bit fun too, so you can shed some calories while still getting a reprieve from the boredom of spending 24 hours a day in the house. 

10 Minute Workout for Busy Moms 

Is 30 minutes too much to get out of your busy day? How about just ten then?

The difference might seem significant, but so is the results you can achieve even with such few minutes of workout every day.

The exercises we’ve listed above should work just fine in this case as well. All you need to do is ante up some on the intensity to compensate for the time shortage. That, and a bit of constant commitment, and you are bound to see results in good time. 

What is the Best Mom Workout Program? Fit2B Any Day! 

For moms who have been working out before child birth, getting back on track shouldn’t be a big problem. 

However, this can be pretty tough for the complete nerds out there considering to get started with workout against the constraints of time and tight schedules.

If you belong in this group of novices, then a workout program will get you started on the right foot. 

While there are many fitness programs for beginner moms, not all of them can suit everyone the same.So yeah, it’s perfectly OK to be choosy here!

Making the Right Decision

So, how do you choose the right fitness program for you? It’s simple really;

  1. Step 1: Find out the right workout that will give you the desired results 
  2. Step 2: Safety, safety, and more safety! I can’t stress enough how much you need to be wary of injury. Your body is still recovering, and you don’t even have enough time, how much worse when you have to deal with workout injury and subsequent recovery. 
  3. Step 3: Don’t forget what your body has been through already. Understanding what childbirth has done to your body is crucial to figuring out just how far you can push it and which buttons are better left untouched. 

Why Fit2B Home Exercise Program?


This program is quite popular among moms of all kinds; spanning the whole spectrum from those who are mere weeks postpartum to those who are well within several years range.

First, and most importantly, the program has a myriad of exercises available. This caters to the varying needs for different moms. 

Then there’s a splash of versatility, since the exercises (with the help of your trainer) can be tweaked and twisted to suit more specific needs. 

Hey, you don’t have to feel like fainting after a workout for it to be effective, burning yourself out doesn’t automaticallymean positive results. If anything, it could be a direct ticket to injury! 

Don’t get it twisted though, the workouts are not going to be way too easy to be worth it.  

The progressive nature of the workouts in this program also gives it an edge, as this isn’t going to be a one-off thing. Hence, it allows beginners to warm up and get the hang of things nicely to prepare them for the challenging parts ahead, as their fitness levels advance.

 Sure, you will need a couple of basic equipment, but the good thing is, these are not the equipment you will only use once or twice, you will grow with them – getting as much value out of them as possible over time. 

Did I mention they have workouts for the kids too? Well they do!

How do Busy Moms Exercise?

If there’s one question I get most often it has to be this…, “How do working moms find time to exercise?” And it doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Stay at home moms are stretched beyond limit in terms of time, the situation for working moms can be virtually unimaginable; especially for moms with several kids and house chores to tend to. 

Well, there are several ways around this;

If you can’t get the time to go to the gym, why not bring the gym to you with a home work out? For moms working from home, for instance, you can swap that office chair for a stability ball instead. 

This will help with working on your balance, and core as you work. You can get a treadmill to use with your work desk, use an underdesk bike, or even do squats from time to time when returning emails or doing other simple tasks on your desk.

Do cardio when the kids are watching TV, playing, or sleeping. That’s right, those few minutes when the kids want to be just kids can be your chance to pull off some cardio, yoga session, or a few swings on those monkey bars in the backyard.

Get smart with some unconventional workouts like carrying some make-shift weights (like laundry or other house hold items) up and down the stairs. Climbing stairs is can be tough enough, how much more when you have a several-pound weight. 

It might not sound like much, but your glutes, calves, and hams (probably the arms too) will be smiling at you eventually. 

I don’t get any free time during the day, how can I exercise regularly with a busy schedule?

Easy! Get you some handy space-saving equipment for your bedroom. You read that right! A few resistance bands, a yoga mat, a workout bench, and other equipment can fit nicely in that bedroom space you never use. I personally like dumbbells, since they offer versatility and portability and there are quite a few to pick from that are designed for ladies.

These will allow you to workout late in the evening or the early morning hours before starting your day. 

Now What? – You are a Mom, Improvise Woman!


There you have it, moms! You might not get those 3 hours you used to have for a ride to the gym, space for a home gym, and the budget for the equipment might all be hard to come by. 

But you don’t have to throw in the towel just yet…

Most of the ideas we have looked at here are going to keep you fit without ever having to get a nanny, brace the elements, or bother anyone to babysit your kid as you sit in traffic for hours heading to the gym. 

Different workouts will vary depending on your fitness level, your body’s reaction, and the fitness goals you have on paper. 

Just go with what feels best for you.

Busy mom workout schedule suggestions with 30 minute work outs and ten minute workouts

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