Setting Up A Fun Party For Tweens

Tweens are barely teens who consider themselves kids no more. They are aged between 9 and 12 and are pretty difficult to please because they could have an entirely different idea of having fun.

Hitting their soft spot during a party could be challenging, but not if you are working with the right suppliers for your needs.

Tween parties could range from merely being cute to being fun and creative and extravagant.

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Play it up with a tea party

Tea parties are young girls’ things, which they could never outgrow no matter how old they could get.

So you are sure to impress your celebrant and guests with an elaborate setup of a sophisticated, dainty party.

Complete the feel with delish finger sandwiches, sugar cubes, and pretty China ware. Remember that elegant teacups are a must.

Set up an outdoor movie adventure

An outdoor movie screening is a great deal of surprise for tweens and even those who are kids at heart.

What you should do to succeed in this is choose to screen shows and movies that your tweens love watching.

Then, complete the setup with picnic blankets, throw pillows, corndogs, popcorn, slushies, and more.

Slumber party level 2

Level up the usual sleepover with a hit tween party that sizzles! Here are some ideas to make your tween’s slumber party a night of fun memories.

  • Give each partygoer a robe to double up as a party favour.
  • Have the venue decorated with dreamy lighting and a buffet spread of delectable midnight food cravings.
  • Prepare fun games and surprises more than just the usual game boards.

A cool pool party will never fail

Another party idea that never fails to impress is giving everyone some pool fun.

You only need to find a suitable venue where your tween and friends could enjoy fantastic water adventures, plus a mouthwatering outdoor barbecue menu, and you are good.

A pool party is applicable for all ages, and it is easy to put together because you only need enough floaties and lovely decor to match the occasion.

An outdoor adventure

Tweens usually have so much energy to expend. Put that into good use by indulging them in activities that would exhaust their energy while giving them a great time.

Set up a skate party, a paintball or laser tag party, or a trail ride for everyone. You may also use your tween’s favourite game or sport-basketball, tennis, or soccer-to jumpstart the event.

Tween parties can be so much fun if you are creative enough to play around with the current interest of the celebrant and their friends.

There are a handful of options to consider, and you will have promising chances to impress everyone if you combine fabulous entertainment with good food.

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