Physical Activities and Exercises Your Kids Will Love (with free Printables)

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Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, there are fun and easy ways they can burn off excess energy this winter with physical activities they will love!

We are here to share three fun indoor games you can play at home that will get your kid’s heart pumping. We’ll take you through all of the games and you can download your set of free printables at the end of the post. 

Active games for physical indoor play this winter. Great to keep the kids busy and use up energy, with free printables to go alongside each of the games.

Finding exercises and other physical activities that your kids will actually like can seem impossible at times. Whether it be watching TV or playing video games, kids these days seem to be finding any way to distract themselves other than staying active.

For this reason, we’ve come up with three sets of exercises that your kids will have fun doing—perfect for those winter breaks spent at home.

Every exercise listed below has a respective printable with an extra activity for your child to complete. Connect the dots, coloring and a challenge are all included.

Active Play Connect the Dots

Perform each of these activities 10 times. When each one has been completed, connect the dots between their respective numbers. 

Jump Rope (1-6) – Jump into the air like you are holding and using a jumping rope.

Elbow to Knee (7-14) – Raise your right knee to your right elbow, repeat this for your left knee and elbow.

Mummy Kicks (15-20) – Put your arms out in front of you, imitating a mummy. Kick your legs out and cross your arms every time you kick.

Side Lunges (21-26) – Stand up and lunge to the right. Make sure that your left leg is straight while lunging. Do this for the other side. 

Star Jacks (27-32) – Do a jumping jack from a squatting position, putting your arms and legs out. Land into a squat and repeat.

Squat Punch (33-39) – Make repeated punching motions in front of you while in a squat.

Tire Jumps (40-45) – Imagine that you’re standing with your feet in the middle of two different tires. Jump on one leg, alternating between your legs and the tires.

Bingo Burst

Do every activity in this set for 30 seconds. Color in the letter for each exercise on the printable when you’re done.


Jump, landing into a squat. From your squatting position, jump into a plank. Jump one more time, bringing your hands and feet together. Stand up.


Put your hands to the floor and walk them out into a plank. Walk your feet over to your hands, then walk your hands out. 

Narrow-Knee Squats

Squat as if you’re going to sit down into a chair. Repeat this motion.

Gallop in a Circle

Start galloping, dragging one foot behind and leading with the opposite. Switch between the lead and dragging foot.

Over the Hurdle

As if there’s a hurdle in front of you, begin running and jump about a metre. Each time you jump, lead with a different foot.

100 Point Challenge

In the 100 point challenge, there are 20 different activities that you can pick from. Completing each activity will reward you with a set amount of points.

Try to score as many points as you can and calculate your total at the end. Some of these activities involve running in place, so get your trainers on and let’s go!

  1. You have one hour to score as many points as possible.
  2. Try to score more than 100 points in one day by spreading out these activities, keeping you active throughout the day.
  3. With a partner, try to score 100 points together as quickly as possible.

Getting some activity and exercise in doesn’t have to be boring. Try these activities with your kids to get them moving while still having fun this Winter!

The challenge exercises are

  • Hop up and down on your right foot 10 times
  • Hop up and down on your left foot 10 times
  • Raise heels off the floor 10 times balancing on the toes
  • Do 10 crunches
  • Do 10 push ups
  • Do 10 burpees
  • Do 20 hip lifts
  • Balance in tree pose for 20 seconds each leg
  • Do 20 donkey kicks
  • Hold superman pose for 1 minute
  • Do 30 lunges
  • Do 40 step ups
  • Do 40 squats
  • Do 40 high knees
  • Hold a plank for one minute
  • Jump 50 times, try to touch the sky
  • Do fast feet for 2 minutes
  • Do 30 star jumps
  • Jump rope 50 times
  • Run in place for 5 minutes without stopping

Get the stop watch ready! Kids of all ages can find something they enjoy doing among these activities, and use up all that extra energy.

Download the Printables

Click the download button beneath the file preview below for your free instant digital download of these printable pages


We hope you enjoyed these indoor active games for kids this winter. Please feel free to share with friends and family or pin to your Pinterest Boards. Thanks!

Three fun physical play ideas for kids of all ages, to keep kids healthy and active indoors this winter

These free printables have been provided for our readers by Adidas

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