Booked by Webfluential: One Plugin Every Blogger Should Know About

Running a blog is a lot of fun, and sometimes non-bloggers are surprised to realise that beyond blogging as a hobby, you can also earn a regular income from writing a blog, and sharing via social media. Since people spend so much time online these days, there is real value in online social influence. More and more brands are interested involved with blogs and spreading the word about their products via bloggers who can share their experiences with their audiences. If you are a blogger who is yet to take the step into brand work, I would encourage you to give it a try – it can be a real win-win for everyone involved!

Although running a blog is really rewarding and enjoyable, there can be a huge amount of admin work too. It takes me hours to get through my emails sometimes, and when you have weeks where you’re juggling sick kids or a lot of family commitments, the balance can sometimes get a little overwhelming. That’s why I’m always really happy to find tools that help cut down on extra work and help to streamline some of my blogging processes.

one plugin every blogger should know about: booked by webfluential, an easy way to take brand bookings direct from your site

If you’re a blogger too, then you’ll definitely want to check out my new discovery: Booked by Webfluential.

Booked by Webfluential is a new plugin that you can add to your site and allows brands to book promotional content directly through your blog, cutting down on some of the email back and forth. I’ve recently added it to my site, and am looking forward to continuing to use this as it seems really easy and streamlined so far! Webfluential is the first company in the world to give influencers the tools to skyrocket – by developing innovative technology that aims to empower influencers and the industry.

How to add the Booked by Webfluential Plugin

Before adding the plugin, you’ll first want to sign up to Webfluential and create your profile by connecting your blog and analytics account, and adding all of your social channels. Next, you should set your prices. I really liked that Webfluential suggests prices for you, if you need guidance (and the suggested prices are fair which is great, because no one wants to do sponsored work at lower than average rates!)


You can even use the Webfluential dashboard to create a full media kit, and simply give out your profile link when brands ask for your kit. I know a lot of bloggers don’t have time to make a full media kit from scratch, or feel overwhelmed with the process so this is a great option.

Take a look at my Webfluential profile here to get an idea of what a basic profile look like, and what to expect.

To add a booked by Webfluential form to your own blog, first go to the plugins section within your WordPress dashboard and search for Booked by Webfluential. The plugin will come up, then just add it and activate

Next, take the short code that the plugin provides you and paste it wherever you want your form to appear on the blog.

You’ll get a form like the one below which makes it easy for brands to get prices, or book work directly.

Webfluential gives influencers complete control to take bookings anywhere, anytime, from any brand. When you receive an offer, you have the option to accept or decline


You can even change the colour of the form, so that it matches the look of your site.


Watch this video to find out more about Booked by Webfluential and how it works.

My experience with Booked by Webfluential has been very easy and smooth so far. Adding the plugin only took a few moments, and if you have any queries about the brief you’ve been given you can ask questions directly through the live chat in your Webfluential dashboard which is a great feature. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Webfluential on more brand campaigns!

This #BookedByWebfluential post is sponsored by Webfluential

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