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Did you know that there are over 80-million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year, accounting for 10% of Britain’s annual spend on chocolate? And whilst it may be traditional to purchase and give chocolate eggs at Easter, we think it’s good to be different sometimes. So if you’re looking for a sweet chocolate alternative for this Easter, then look no further. We’re here to bring you plenty of sweet treats that will still have you hopping for joy this Easter.

Why Do We Eat Chocolate at Easter?

Eating chocolate eggs is a modern tradition that has been adapted from the traditional Christian religious aspect of Easter. Originally eggs were not allowed in the church in the week before Easter, therefore any eggs laid that week were saved and decorated to turn them into ‘Holy Week Eggs’, which were then given to children as gifts. France and Germany had the first chocolate eggs in the 19th century, they very quickly became popular and spread across Europe to Britain and today we see stores stock up on Easter eggs as soon as Christmas is out of the way – showing how popular this tradition has become.

And whilst the Easter bunny may love to bring us chocolate treats at Easter, we’re here to bring you a few sweet chocolate alternatives that will satisfy your sweet tooth and let you really enjoy Easter!

Sweet Chocolate Alternatives This Easter

Sweet Alternatives to Chocolate

There are a number of alternatives you can look at purchasing or creating as something a bit different to the traditional chocolate egg this Easter; whether you are looking to be a bit healthier at Easter and purchasing a present instead of something edible, or you may require a present for someone who doesn’t like chocolate at all, or maybe intolerant to dairy and you want to get them something a bit different to the traditional dark chocolate or dairy-free products that might be hard to come by in normal shops.

Enjoying a bit of fun at Easter and choosing to buy sweet treats instead of chocolate can make your Easter feel extra special and show you’ve really planned something fun out; whether it is for the kids or for a loved one, everyone is sure to appreciate it. We’ve all played the traditional games at Easter, including the Easter Egg hunt – why not use sweets as the prize for whoever finds the most eggs? This is a great way to incorporate bite size sweet treats into your Easter fun.

Looking back on your childhood one of your favourite things to do would be stopping by the newsagents after school and filling a bag up of your favourite penny sweets and treats; you can incorporate these into your Easter fun

Why not take a look at the range of special Easter sweets that stockists have, companies such as Retro Sweet have a whole host of sweet treats that are sure to satisfy you this Easter!

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