A Trip to Beachy Head

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A few weeks ago we went on a trip to Beachy Head with the kids, as this was somewhere that had been on our list for a while. First we went up to the cliff slide to see the views and explore a little.

beachy head

beachy head

From here we could see down to Beachy Head Lighthouse

beachy head lighthouse

You do need to be careful with young children as the cliff edge is not fenced off or anything, so Mr R had to stay in his buggy for this bit which he was not too pleased about! But with three to keep an eye on and such a steep drop, I prefer not to take the risk.

We didn’t stay too long up at the cliff as it wouldn’t have been fair on Mr R waiting in his buggy but he did atleast enjoy looking out to the sea and seeing the light house.

beachy head top of beachy head cliff at the top of beachy head cliff


Very nearby there is a lovely pebbly peach which the boys were able to explore more freely. When we arrived it was late afternoon and coming up towards sunset, which allowed us to get some lovely pictures like this one that I posted a couple of weeks ago which is my favourite!

the beach at beachy head near to the cliffs


The beach is down at the bottom of the cliff, so there are some quite steep stairs to go down. It’s fine, but I would advise not to take the buggy down if possible. We put ours back in the car boot for this.

beach pebbles

It’s a really pebbley and rocky beach which is loads of fun for kids to explore, hopping from rock to rock finding seaweed, jumping in puddles that have been left over in the rocks.

pebble beach at beachy head

sea weed at beachy head

beach at beachy head


I love to see the boys playing in this kind of environments, to give them these times to connect with nature, explore and use their imaginations.

sea weed at beachy head

Luckily we had the beach pretty much to ourselves at that time, which is always nice.

beachy head

beachy head

beachy head sea

There is something so calming about being beside the sea. I grew up near to the sea, and I think at that time didn’t realise its such a blessing to be right on it’s door step. Still, in London we are only a couple of hours away which is not too bad.

beachy head pebble beach

beachy head beach

Mr R has borrowed Mr T’s coat here. I think maybe his own was in the wash or something along those lines. Whenever I take one of them out in this coat, we always get asked where its from as it’s so striking. It’s from Kozi Kidz and this is a rain jacket which I reviewed for the Babyworld panel. We are going to be reviewing their rainwear sets soon here on the blog so do look out for that. It’s great quality clothing and perfect for this kind of wet environments!

beachy head

on the pebbles at beachy head

These little family outings are always a great way to spend some quality time together away from distractions of home, housework, deadlines and whatever else. We are quite last minute and tend to just jump in the car and think of somewhere to go. So we still don’t have a plan for our bank holiday weekend yet. I am loving beaches at the moment though, so perhaps another beach. I want to collect some shells to make a seaside sensory bin for the kids to have at home, so hopefully we will go and get those soon!

Whatever you have planned for the bank holiday weekend, I hope it’s a great one!

If you’re interested in beaches on the South Coast, you may also want to check out my post last week about our trip to Durdle Door.

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26 thoughts on “A Trip to Beachy Head”

  1. Beachy Head is so iconic, but I’ve never visited. Interesting to see the beach, as everyone usually talks about the cliffs. You are so right about the wonderfulness of children interacting with nature. It is a priceless activity. #CountryKids
    Cheryl recently posted…It’s MayMy Profile

  2. Do you want to go to Mumbles near Swansea for a weekend? I want to go there and not so far from me now! Apparently it is a really good beach area, google it! Also I love the pic with meem jumping in the background haha

  3. We had a trip like this in Brean Down where the hills are steep and are not fenced so my son stayed on his Dad’s shoulder till its safe. A bit of a walk but worth it as whats waiting for you in the end is pretty. Like your trip!

    Such a pretty place to visit! I love your photos. Your son’s jacket just pops out in the sea of gray stones =) #countrykids
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…SATCAPMy Profile

  4. Your beach posts have got me hankering for the seaside! Think we’ll be jumping in the car tomorrow and heading to the coast! Great photos #CountryKids


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