We have been trying out another great children’s game from Drumond Park. This time it is the Magic Tooth Fairy. As usual one lucky In The Playroom reader will have the chance to win a copy of the game for their family.

Drumond Park The Magic Tooth Fairy Game giveaway

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game is really unique and different from any games that I’ve seen and is a great idea for children of 5+ who will be experiencing their own teeth falling out soon, to help them not to worry about losing their teeth. Mr Z is 6 next month and has not yet lost any teeth, although plenty of his class mates have so the tooth fairy is something that is very much on his radar as he hears of his class mates earning money for their teeth. He was really excited to try out the game and loved the idea of winning gold coins!

Drumond Park The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The game comes with a fold out board and a special bed which you place in the centre. The spinner is part of this bed, and it has a special mechanism for placing teeth under the pillow then turning them into gold coins with the magic wand, which Mr Z found pretty impressive.

Players move their counter around the board spinning to see whether they loose a tooth, and then whether they can put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy.

drumond park the magic tooth fairy game

The board and all the character pieces are very brightly coloured and appealing in a cartoon-ish style. There is room for 2 to 4 players to join in the game at once.

Drumond Park the Magic Tooth Fairy Game

As the game is for 5+, Mr Z enjoyed playing it with me after his younger brothers had gone to bed. I do feel this age rating is realistic and the game may be a little tricky for children under 5 as there are a few rules to remember. This will depend on the child and their abilities though.

Mr Z wanted to play this game again straight away as soon as we finished, and he is always keen to keep playing with it. It really kept him entertained and was just perfect for his level at 5 years old.

Playing the Magic Tooth Fairy Game

The concept of the game may sound a little bit unusual at first when you see the giant mouths and teeth, but it really works well for this age group and if you have a child with some anxiety about losing their teeth I think it could help. Mr Z is not too worried about losing his, because he is looking forward to reaping the financial rewards! 😉

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