Basic Introduction To Yoga Practice

Have you ever wanted to exercise badly but you couldn’t because your body wasn’t willing, but your mind was keen? And this is because of the rigors of having to run from one place to another or carrying bulky tools in the name of exercise. Well, we all feel that way, but what if you could exercise in the comfort of your home, without having to do anything strenuous. Yes, I know you’re wondering if it is possible. If you have heard of Yoga, you would know it is possible, but if you have not heard about Yoga, you’re in luck because I will explain it real simple for you to understand.

Yoga is an excellent exercise that helps upgrade your fitness, and along the way, also helps elevate your mental health. Yoga is a Sanskrit term that means: unite. Yoga is not just about your body’s physical aspect; it also helps in relaxation of the muscles and even Meditation to help calm the mind. The great thing about Yoga is you don’t have to be an expert in it before you can practice. You also don’t have to sign up for a class before you understand how it works. Yoga has different methods, but the main techniques are ‘Asanas’ or physical posture, ‘Pranayama’ or breathing training, Meditation. Yoga doesn’t just help achieve physical fitness; it also guides a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and mental balance. More new ways of practicing yoga have emerged. To know more please visit this blog post on the Best Yoga Teacher Training on YOGI TIMES.

Like I said earlier, the beauty of Yoga is everyone can practice it. Whether you’re old or young, male or female, flexible or not, fit or unfit, you have to find the right practice for you. Yoga is not a competition; you get to practice Yoga according to your comfort zone. No teacher will enforce any pose on you if you’re not comfortable with it. Yoga is your practice; only you have the power to decide how far you want to go and what pose is okay with you. It would help if you worked at your own pace, not your friend’s, not your partner, or not even your pace days before. When it comes to Yoga, the ball is basically in your court, so you get to decide how you want to play it.

However, Yoga has had a wild spread of impact worldwide, and the benefit that Yoga gives cannot be overemphasized. You might be wondering what the benefits of Yoga can be apart from physical fitness and mental balance. Yoga has so many benefits starting from; decrease in cholesterol, a reduction in blood pressure, an increase in cardiovascular responsiveness, a strengthened immune system, an increase in respiratory responsiveness, the ability to stay relaxed when the need be, improvement in body flexibility, stamina, and strength, ability to concentrate. There are many more benefits, but you must know that you can’t get this result if you don’t practice Yoga the right way. Different poses are done when practicing Yoga. These poses help in building your body; when done regularly, the results become visible.

Yoga is not a one-week training. It is a long term practice that requires constant practice to achieve results. So if you want to go into the Yoga practice, you must be committed to the practice. Create a timetable and set the goal you want to achieve from it.



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