Tenstickers – A simple and fun way to decorate your home

If you are like me and enjoys decorating or redecorating your home every so often, Tenstickers is here to make your life easy and bring a pop of fun and modernity to your DIY days. In this article we will share with you some ideas of their beautifully personalised designs. Revamping your home may be a great way to keep your mind and body busy during these days and also boost your mood while the world is upside down. Its a great activity to get the whole family involved. You can get together and pick up some styles, share ideas and work together to apply it. If you live alone it will give you something different and exciting to do, keep you busy and the end result will have you feeling like a DIY Boss!

What I love the most about Tenstickers is not only the variety of products but the fact that they personalise it according to what you need and they also deliver worldwide. Their website is user friendly and I can stress enough how easy it is to use it. They do have a lot of options of products which seems overwhelming at first but they are also very easily identified. The search bar will assist you if you already know exactly what you need and prefer the shortcut. Check out this Tensticker that you can find in the Wall Sticker category. You can apply it to your mirror with daily affirmations to remind you of how amazing you are, because you know…sometimes we all need a kind reminder.

What made me fall in love with this brand and their products was not only the quality and varied of products but the fact that they also do Vinyl Rugs! Check out this gorgeous option for the little ones bedroom. Its not only beautifully done but educational and fun. The colours are so bright and will definitely add that something special to their bedroom.

But I left my absolute favourite for last. The Mandala Vinyl Rugs! Look at this beauty. I love Mandala patterns and this one in particular took my breath away. This gorgeous rug is a head turner that I would love to have in my little meditation corner joining my incenses and crystals. This rug is the perfect final touch to that special quiet place in your house that you use to read, meditate and do your yoga practice. I would even put it in my living room as a gorgeous center piece.

Now go check their website for yourself and let us know your thoughts. I hope you get inspired by their products and get on that DIY jumpsuit on and start decorating. Also don’t forget to watch their application instructions video. At the bottom of the page there are a few links of how to contact them in case you need some extra assistance, the video explaining in detail how to apply the stickers and some information about the company. Have fun!!!!





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