The Importance of Exercise for Children

Regular physical activity can help children build strong bones and muscles, as well as reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, introducing the habit of physical fitness into a child’s life from a young age sets the tone for them to value the benefits of a lifestyle that is health-minded as time moves forward. Encouraging children to discover ways to move their bodies that supports both their health, and their preference is equally important. While some children may thrive on a soccer field, others may enjoy the way their body moves through ballet or simple outdoor activities. 

Learning Through Fitness

Learning does not have to happen exclusively inside a classroom, and via a book or other instructional method. There are valuable lessons to be taught, and learned, through physical activity, and outdoor gyms for kids are a great way to sneak in a tutorial disguised as socializing. School’s that highlight recess and/or intentional PE programmes into their curriculum do a great job of highlighting the importance of physical activity as well as physical freedom. Having actual equipment on the grounds of your school gives students an incentive to take advantage of outdoor activity, specifically those children who may not be outgoing or imaginative enough to see an open field and feel inspired to get an activity started. Outdoor gyms for kids provide an opportunity for children to experience both independent as well as group activity without creating competition or intimidation. 

Elevated Mood and Energy Levels

It is often underestimated the stressors that school aged children can be under, and often these children do not know how to articulate their feelings in a way that is conducive to fixing them, exercise can help. Frustration is a mood that does not discriminate, and it has been proven that physical activity, literally getting the negative energy out of the body, can be a quick and effective way to manage these high-level emotions. Children that can break up their day by incorporating chances to move their bodies are giving something to look forward to when experiencing a difficult part of their day. 

An object at rest will remain at rest while an object in motion will remain in motion. This is an age-old theory that continues to be applicable in today’s world. When children are taught to be active, they are training their bodies to thrive on movement. The more physical health is incorporated into the day-to-day behaviors of a child, the more likely they are to continue the habit as an adult, when it is notoriously more difficult to develop and maintain new habits. 

Increased Self-Improvement

A symptom of a lifestyle that includes exercise is a person who has placed value and importance on the quality of their life as well as the health of their physicality. Teaching children at a young age to invest in themselves and the trajectory of their life is an invaluable lesson. Showing children that they are capable, and that they oversee what their bodies can achieve is a way to teach and support while still encouraging independent thinking and responsibility.

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