Alif Baa App to help Children Learn the Arabic Alphabet

Teach your kids the Arabic alphabet whilst keeping them entertained with this exciting app.

Alif Baa announces its first educational game app for children, “Alif Baa,” available now in the App store.

The app uses a series of captivating games to help children learn the Arabic alphabet in a fun and easy way. Children journey through the game whilst completing a variety of exercises which can be time tracked. Learning pace is tailored to individual children.

Alif Baa app for children to learn the arabic alphabet


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Baa is for Battah: Paper Plate Duck

We are continuing our Arabic alphabet crafts with the letter Baa, and a paper plate duck craft. If you missed the first in our series, then check out our Alif is for Asad paper plate lion here.

For our ‘Battah’ (duck) we used a folded paper plate, to resemble the shape of the Arabic letter B. Using paper plates folded in half is always a quick and easy way to make paper plate animals that stand up by themselves and rock back and forth, and makes a nice change from the flat paper plate crafts.

baa is for battah paper plate duck craft to help with learning the letters of the arabic alphabet (letter b). Simple and fun kids craft idea


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