How Does Sport Affect Child Development?

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By Luciana Oliveira

For the modern person, sport is a way to recharge energetically, to develop equilibrium and strength for the daily challenges. This topic is very popular in the digital space.

It is actively scaled through bloggers who broadcast a sporty lifestyle, set up advertising, buy Instagram followers, or do mutual PR  impacting a larger audience. Almost all successful people are engaged in sport and it is very important to develop this habit in children.

Why does a child need physical activity?

Sport creates a good muscle tone, develops strength, vitality, coordination, and it is important to lay this foundation at an early age.  Thanks to sports, children become mentally stronger. It improves the self-esteem of the child, who will later be in society.

When children learn to tolerate physical exertion, they form their character, it will be much easier for them to learn and feel confident in life. Training promotes the production of serotonin and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, which affects the ability to think clearly and creatively. The child learns to fully set goals, to achieve them, to win and lose, and as a result, he gains real-life experience.

The more often children practice, the easier it is for them to absorb and remember new information. Scientists have found that walking and bicycling help them memorize foreign words more quickly. Children who train are more productive, more attentive, and better able to prioritize. To increase the effect, they recommend ballet or gymnastics, where special attention is paid to the position of the body in space.  

Thus, by teaching your child to do different exercises every day from a young age, you develop the habit of exercising regularly. 

How to motivate a child to exercise?

The best motivation for a child is a personal example. The child repeats any pattern of behavior from his environment.

If you are a person who is engaged in various kinds of fitness, family is in a healthy lifestyle, the child sees this all the time and his inner motivation will be created automatically. The child will himself join your activities and look for sports he is interested in.

Secondly, you can motivate the child by attending events where athletes compete. Here there is live energy that strongly inspires and ignites an internal fire for sports results.  

Now it is not necessary to go to a sports club because many fitness experts and child coaches position themselves online. They invest a lot of money in promotion, buy real Instagram followers, advertising, do collaborations to reflect their competence, and broadcast maximum benefits on this topic.

On their resources, you can find online workouts that your child can do in the comfort of his own home. You can also find a variety of approaches: lessons in the form of games, training specifically for girls or for teenage boys. 

To sum up, a child needs sport first and foremost in order to discover his inner potential. That’s why it’s enough for him to exercise regularly with a trainer or parents, not for some indicators, but for pleasure, personal progress, and health.

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