Animal Books for Babies: Mibo and Picky Eaters

You might already be familiar with the Mibo pop up books, which we reviewed a couple of years ago (you can see our review here). These books are gorgeous, but weren’t so baby friendly as they’re a little bit delicate. Now, Mibo have released their animal stories in a board book format which is totally baby friendly and has been a big hit here with baby N, and her older brothers who enjoy reading to her.

The titles available include the Jungle Crew, the Polar Pack and the Safari set. Each one is written in rhyme that flows really well with a great rhythm to it, and shares information about the different habitats and animals in a fun and engaging way.

The text on each page is quite short, just a couple of lines per page to keep even young babies engaged. Baby N is four months old, and has been enjoying these animal stories for a month or so, and really looks at the pictures. These three books are some of her definite favourites!

The illustration style is really modern, colourful and funky with lots of use of patterns.

These board book editions also come with a fact page about the animals, which is unique and wasn’t include in the press out animal versions. It’s a great way for babies and toddlers to start learning about these creatures even at a young age – and I even learned something myself! (Which is always a bonus when you’re at home with the little ones)

Each of the books is available for 4.99

To find out more about this range of books from Button Books,by Madeline Rogers check the Mibo website

Another fun animal themed book we’ve been reading with Baby N, is Picky Eaters which is a board book with lift up flaps.

This book is all about animals and the types of food each one eats, linking that in to encourage the baby or toddler to try new food themselves. So this book will become more relevant once we introduce her to solid foods in a couple of months, but for now it’s still an interesting and colourful book for her to explore.

Each page tells you about an animal, and you lift the flap to find out about their food, with rhyming text throughout.

It has a really nice sing song rhythm to it, and the flap make it quite interactive and fun.

This book also has nice bright modern illustrations, and will help little ones to learn a lot about animals and their foods. As N becomes a bit older then she’ll definitely be able to absorb a lot of useful animal information from Picky Eaters, and from the Mibo books.

Picky Eaters By Ellen Jackson, illustrated by Amy-Clare Barden is available for £5.99 (Sterling)

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