Match Attax Cards Review

Match Attax is the big craze among my boys and their friends at the moment. They love playing football and have recently got more interested in following different teams and players, so Match Attax cards fit in really well with their current interests. They were so excited to receive some of the new Match Attax cards and products to review, and have been playing with these daily at home, and bringing cards out to swap with their friends at school and in the neighbourhood too.

We were sent a variety of Match Attax products, from the blind bags to tins with Match Attax cards, and collector albums. My boys were happy to find some of the tins and blind bags contain shiny cards, and even a 100 club card too, which they’ve told me is one of the best ones!

With the collector tins, you get limited edition cards randomly at the ratio of:

  • Gold limited edition: 1 in 8 tins
  • Silver limited edition: 1 in 4 tins
  • Bronze limited edition: 5 in 8 tins

And we’ve found that these small tins are really good for taking a few cards out and about, for handy swapping with friends. For organising their full Match Attax cards at home, we’ve found the collector albums from these starter packs really good.

They have plenty of pages, and my boys have been busy organising one team per page, or putting all of their gold cards on one page.

They’ve been taking a lot of pride in their Match Attax collections, and will spend ages looking through their folders comparing the different strengths of each player.

It’s a very versatile toy that will keep them occupied on their own – my eldest normally spends time going through his in his room before sleeping- and is great for playing together in groups too because of the trading, swapping and comparing that makes it a really social activity.

The small packets of ten cards are really affordable for kids to buy with their pocket money, at just one pound each, and are a great way for them to add to their collections.

The cards can be played with in so many different ways, but look out for our post soon explaining how to play the Match Attax card game.

To see all of the Match Attax products available, check out the website

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