How To Plan Your Next Outdoor Activity Holiday With Kids

Planning an outdoor activity holiday for the whole family can be great fun but it can also be hard to choose where to go, what to do and how to stick to your budget. Kids care more about the environment they are playing in rather than the actual location they are travelling to. so finding a holiday with plenty of fun things to do is more important than the sightseeing and tourist hot spots when they are young. Below are a few tips that will help you along when it comes to booking your next family outdoor activity holiday.

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Choose their favourite activities

Ok so some of the activities they will try on family activity holidays will be things they have never tried before. But keeping the things to do close to what the children enjoy at home means you know they will enjoy their activities on holiday. If they like riding their bike, then mountain biking might be a good choice. Swimming and water activities are a good idea too.

Planning your pursuits together as a family will help as kids can have their own input and it will give them lots to look forward to. You could also try some activities at home or book on taster sessions before you go and see what works for you. This will save you booking expensive trips that end up not being suited for your family.

Think about catering

How will you keep the family fed and fuelled whilst you are away? Are you planning a self-catering holiday where you’ll be cooking and preparing food in a chalet or apartment? A catered holiday where meals are prepared and included for you already? Or are you planning on eating out at restaurants during your trip?

Your budget will be greatly affected by this so you should know what you want and consider the options before you go. Remember it’s your holiday too so if you want a break from the norm, planning on cooking every day might not be the best option. You might decide that a mixture of what is available suits you best.

As you will be out and about during the day on active holidays lots of operators provide breakfast and evening meals leaving you to grab your lunch whilst you are on the go.

Find things to do for free

On an outdoor adventure holiday, you don’t have to spend much to enjoy the fresh air and the countryside fun. If you are in the perfect location like a mountain escape or lakeside retreat then all you need is what is around you to have an enjoyable time. Doing things like taking a nature walk, swimming in the lakes and climbing to beautiful viewpoints are all things you can do for free. They also tire out the kids as well as providing learning and fun.

If you are holidaying on a budget then sourcing a planning free things to do is a must. By doing your research before you go you are sure to keep everyone entertained without blowing your budget.

Start small

If this is your first adventure break with the family then the best thing to do is to start small and try not to cram too much in. You will learn what you like to do and get into a rhythm as a family without stretching yourselves too thinly.

If you try to be too adventurous on your first go, you’ll probably need another holiday to recover when you get back! It’s all about experiencing this adventure together and the excitement and learning that comes with it rather than ticking off items from an activity list.

By starting small you will savour the moments and enjoy a few activities properly making the holiday more memorable and special. One thing is for sure they won’t get bored. You can always come back and try something new next time, especially when you have witnessed first-hand what these kinds of holidays have to offer.

Use a tour operator

When you have kids, it can be difficult to take the time to sit and plan your holiday to the last detail. This is where family tour operators come in. These companies specialise in organising family adventure holidays and putting together packages for you to choose from.

Family tour specialists have spent years tailoring their products to what families need and want, so booking with one is recommended to save you both time and money. Some operators will advise on the best places to visit depending on the ages and abilities of your family members. You will also find that you will be with other parties with children of the same age so they will keep each other company and make new friends on your trip.

There is also protection and representatives to help you if things go wrong and people available to ask for advice which give you piece of mind on your family break.

Find a package that includes activities as part of your booking

Many tour operators offer great family packages to choose from for your outdoor activity holiday. The great thing about this is you will already know what is included when you book which will help your holiday budget once you arrive.

Some activity holiday resorts offer guides and tours as part of their packages and great free activities you would otherwise have to pay for. Some activity centres also include kid’s clubs which means they can have fun with other children and take part in organised group activities whilst taking the pressure off the parents.

Activities that are often included in packages are kayaking, rock climbing, pool games and more. These are for adults and children alike so you all get to enjoy the fun things to do as part of your package holiday.

How to stick to your budget

As mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to book your package family holiday. If you know what is included before you travel then you are much more likely to stick to your budget whilst you are away.

Make sure you know what you are willing to spend on things and having separate budgets for food, activities and souvenirs will help you to stick to them more closely. Always make sure you have some leeway too as holidaying with kids sometimes the unexpected happens and it pays to have an emergency fund if things go wrong.

Don’t take it too seriously

Like planning a big event such as a wedding or a big party, planning a holiday can be stressful and downright heart breaking if things don’t go exactly to plan. This is why you should take a step back and remember it is your time to have a break and enjoy yourself too, so by not taking it too seriously and letting go of the meticulous detail you will have more fun and let the little things that might go wrong slide by.

Whatever you do, enjoy the precious family time you are spending together and just have fun. That’s what family holidays are all about. How do you plan your family activity holidays? Do you have any tips that are not mentioned here?

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