7 Ways to Bond with Your Dog in 1 Day

If you decide to get a dog and want it to be your loyal friend who loves you no matter what, building a strong connection between you is important.

Many people decide on a dog because they have always been dreaming of a loyal buddy who will happily meet them at home and love them for who they are.

Indeed, dogs are incredible and unique creatures that get attached to their owners very strongly.

They all have different tempers and character traits, so you never know what personality you will share your apartment with.

However, if you want to make a canine your perfect partner in crime, you should bond with it. There are no other ways to achieve the desired result.

Your furry friend is a living creature with a set of requirements and needs. You should do your best to convince it that you are on the same page and your feelings are mutual.

Some people believe that it is enough to examine some reviews and feed it with high-quality meals to build up a strong connection.

However, it is far from that. The following tips and tricks will help you become best friends.

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1. Communicate with your dog

Communication is the foundation of your healthy relationships, so you should learn how to interact with your dog.

If you have a puppy, you should realize that it doesn’t speak your language, so you should use your movements and emotions to teach it.

Your tone of voice will play a crucial role here since dogs understand intonations subconsciously.

For example, if you want to encourage your dog to do something and cheer it up, your voice should be a bit excited and playful.

Every time you praise and cuddle your dog for some action, it understands that its behavior pattern makes you happy. If you want to calm down your dog and help it feel comforted, lower your voice and speak quality.

2. Spend quality time together

If you want to bond with your four-legged friend, it will be useful to turn off the TV and put aside your smartphone so that nothing will distract you from your dog.

You can cuddle it, talk or just lay together and do nothing. The main thing here is to show your buddy that you are only with it.

Quality time together is a wonderful way to become closer and find out something new about each other.

It will not be superfluous to arrange such a pastime more often, but even one day can make a difference.

3. Play a game

Playtime is a magic wand when it comes to growing a bond with your furry buddy.

Of course, all dogs are different, and if it is your first day together, your buddy may need some time to get used to a new environment.

However, you can take advantage of goodies to lure them into a game. Almost all the dogs adore “hide and seek,” so you can give it a try when playing with your dog.

First, it can be about some obvious places, so your dog may not get nervous because of your disappearance. However, when the first connection is established, you can make your games more challenging.

4. Practice hand feeding

You need to devote your time and attention to quality interaction with your buddy to make it happy.

When it is about new relationships, you can use delicious treats to encourage a dog to hang out with you and cuddle it.

Over time, cuddling and just an opportunity to chill out together will already serve as a reward for your pet.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of hand-feeding since it is a perfect and pleasant way for your dog to understand you better.

The key moment here is to exactly hand-feed your canine instead of throwing them goodies.

5. Go for a walk in a new place

Dogs adore walking and investigating everything around them. If you want to make your connection stronger, it is worth trying different routes and regularly changing the scenery.

When you explore the new place together, you get a big portion of positive emotions. The latter serve as bricks for creating a solid foundation of your relationships.

Hit a new trail, street, or a reach out to the distant dog park. Socialization helps eliminate numerous mental issues and get a happier, more obedient, and confident pet.

The more positive experiences your buddy associates with you, the stronger your bond becomes.

6. Take a nap together

Dogs adore taking a good nap since otherwise, they lack energy and feel exhausted.

The statistics say that it is normal for a canine to sleep for about 15 hours per day. If you want to bond with your pet, you can share their favorite activity and go to sleep together.

You don’t need to fall asleep, but you can allow your four-legged friend to chill out in your hugs while you are reading or communicating with someone.

Such a pastime will help your pet feel safe around you and contribute to more trusting relationships.

7. Work on a new behavior pattern

If you want your dog to behave this or that way, you should regularly take steps toward the final goal.

You shouldn’t forget to reward every attempt to understand your words and perform a command.

Working together on a goal helps create a strong connection. Thus, the dog learns what actions to do to get the desired reward and cuddling, and you learn how to teach your furry buddy. 

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