Sleeping Habits Around the World

Sleep is essential no matter where you live or what your lifestyle is, but surprisingly habits can differ a lot from place to place. Which country fits best with your sleeping habits?

I tend to sleep around six to six and a half hours per night, which does fit in with the average here in the UK for a work night although I could definitely benefit from a bit more sleep, as these numbers show. I very rarely nap though, since it makes me feel too disorientated when I wake up and I feel like half the day has been wasted!

It doesn’t surprise me that the percentages of people getting enough sleep are low in many places. Life can be so busy these days, that it’s hard to fit everything in along with the full quota of sleep

Sleeping Habits Around The World


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  1. I love the idea in Japan, that falling asleep at work is a sign of working really hard, I’d show that I’m the hardest worker ever, for some reason I always want to fall asleep at work…….but not when I go to bed!


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