10 Home-Made Accessories To Decorate Your Living Space

Home accessories are a must for any home. You can make them yourself, at minimal cost, and you will have something unique that nobody else has. All you need is a little creativity and motivation. All the accessories are easy to make, and you can use most of them in multiple ways. 

By creating them, you will be more motivated to live in a well-decorated home. The accessories can be of different materials: plastic bottles, flowers, magazines, used clothes and hats.

What’s in your home? Think for some minutiae that can become an accessory to decorate your living space. Experiment with colours and textures. 

Here are a few accessories to decorate your space if you want to save money and have a little more time on hand.

1. Half-Painted Art

If you’re artistic but lack fine motor skills, half-painted art is a great way to bring some life into your wall without having to spend hours on making one piece of art perfect – all you need are plenty of random scraps of paper and some glue! 

Use bigger pieces for headings and smaller ones to fill in the gaps; choose a matching colour for your art background and main image, then cut pieces of paper into various shapes. After you’ve applied glue to the wall with the help of scaffolding or small containers, start pasting your scraps on top. This way you won’t be able to see any mistakes, making it very easy for you!

This is a pretty simple and fast way to give your walls a nice accent. Paint the frame of the artwork but leave the painting half-finished. You can use this trick on almost any piece of art, for example, an oil painting, pencil drawing or a digital print on canvas.

2. Rope Bannister

Bannisters can be tricky, but they are necessary to make sure that if someone trips over something in the house, there’ll be nothing dangerous for them to fall onto. The best thing about rope bannisters is that they’re cheap and easy to put together.

If you have a staircase in your home, you can turn it into something more decorative by using rope bannisters instead of regular ones! This will add colour to your space very efficiently. 

You can create this accessory yourself by using tutorials. However, you might need assistance from someone else when taking measurements, so both sides are even. Also, make sure that there’s enough space between your stairs for the rope bannister to be attached.

3. Plant Pedestal

This accessory is relatively easy to make, and it will look great wherever you decide to put it. All you need is a glass vase or anything similar, some flowers and stones and you’re ready to go! You can even make a candle with these Candle making supplies and add them to the mix to create a more romantic setting.

The best place where you should place this would be next to the window where it will get good sunlight throughout the day. However, don’t forget that plants require plenty of water, so keep an eye on them from time to time. 

4. Secret Shoe Storage

Accessories are great, especially when they serve a purpose; however, the best kind of accessory is one that doesn’t get in the way and still looks good – like this secret shoe storage!

If you don’t have enough room for your shoes in the wardrobe or just want to avoid having a pile sitting around somewhere, you can use a hanging rail instead. A simple pull-out rail will be more than enough to store your entire collection without taking up too much space. 

If you have a secret shoe storage, you’ll never have to worry about shoes again! All you need is an empty plastic bottle and some string. Then, drill enough holes in the bottom of its base for your fingers to fit through and tie it on a horizontal bar above your closet.

5. Star Rope Mirror

Decorate your walls with this star rope mirror which you can make easily in just a few minutes. This accessory will get any dull wall to look interesting very easily and fast! All you need are two ropes (one long, one short), colourful duct tape and a piece of wood. 

Make sure both pieces of rope are the same length because if not, it will be hard to apply them together correctly. Next, tie the longer rope on one end by using duct tape and attach it to a door or wall. Finally, you should tie the other end on something that you can hang your mirror; for example, a hook or nail, that way, you’ll be able to adjust its height according to your needs.

6. Nautical Vase

 A nautical vase is a very nice accessory to have around the house to decorate any space! It is effortless to make, but for the result to look good, it’s crucial that you take measurements correctly. 

This project requires brown rope, velcro hooks, a drinking glass and some other small accessories. First of all, decide how tall or long you want it to be, then measure your rope accordingly. Next, tie the rope knots tightly one by one with the help of another piece of rope at least ten times longer than the one you’re using. This will make it thick enough. 

Now, cut the remaining rope into smaller pieces and use them to tie all the knots together tightly like a weave. This is how you’ll attach your candle holder on top of your vase! This vase is simple to make, and it will look great on your desk or shelf. 

7. Wall-Mounted Aisle

You can create an aisle out of beads to make any living space look more intriguing and mysterious.

If you’ve just got married, a wall-mounted aisle is a great homemade gift for newlyweds – you’ll have some time to decorate it before moving in so that way your marriage begins with pleasant memories rather than empty walls! 

All you need are old pictures from old magazines or newspapers then, paint them white or glue coloured cellophane paper over them. 

This accessory will surely be attractive for your guests who will definitely ask about the story behind it, so be sure to have an answer ready.

8. Patterned Dresser

if you get bored easily and you’d like to give your room a fun and fresh look, a patterned dresser would be a great idea! You can use it for storing different things as long as they go well with its design. A patterned dresser is an ideal way to renew your home decor. 

You can make this wonderful garment in just a few hours using old pieces of furniture with nice details and turn them into new ones by painting or drawing patterns on them! All you need are paints and brushes, cardboard, tape and cellophane paper. 

9. Book Side Table

If you’ve always wanted a coffee table but didn’t have the money to buy one, why not make your own? This book side table is super easy and cheap to make. All you need are some old books that you don’t use anymore; cut them out in half using scissors or a saw and place them on top of each other to form a rectangular platform. Then, decorate it by applying several coats of paint if you like!

This accessory will fit in any room because it serves two purposes: book storage and decoration. It’s very similar to secret shoe storage in the way that you’ll need a plastic bottle and some string. Use two pieces of rope to create a hole for your fingers at the bottom of the bottle, making it easier to carry around, and tie them on either side by using more string.

10. Print Out Art

Print out art is an easy way to decorate your living space without having to spend money on expensive pictures!  This is a fantastic homemade accessory that will make your walls look spectacular! All you need are some high-quality pictures from magazines, scissors and glue. 

If you don’t have them already, it’s easy to print them out online. First, decide which part of the room you’d like to use it for and measure that area; then, decide what size you want your picture to be. Next, cut out the pictures or photos of your favourite celebrities (or whoever makes you happy) from a magazine, cut off their heads and spraypaint the rest of the image black for it to fit inside your frame. 

Make sure to leave enough space around so that when they’re all put together on one wall, they’ll create a 3D effect! Apply several coats of varnish for better results; let it dry overnight before hanging up on your wall!


And there you have it! With these ten ideas, you’ll be able to decorate any space in your home very easily and on a budget. Of course, you can also share the ideas with your circle or turn them into a side hustle – whatever floats your boat.

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