9 Super Cool Things To Do With Your Holiday Photos

Have you got a bunch of photos from your most recent family holiday? No matter how long ago this was, you’re still keen to keep the memories in your mind forever. Having the photos themselves is one thing, but have you ever thought about doing anything with them? You could keep them on your phone or camera forever, but there are so many cool ideas that will make more use of them. In turn, this makes the entire holiday a more memorable experience. 

Carry on reading, and you will find some of the best and most exciting things to do with your holiday photos:

Print them out and frame them

A classic idea that never really gets old. This is a brilliant way of conserving memories and remembering the good times every single day. By printing out the photos and framing them, you can place them around your house for all to see. When you walk into a particular room, you’re reminded of the fun holiday you had! 

There are a couple of things to think about when doing this. Firstly, be sure you get the photos printed out on proper photo paper to make them as high-quality as possible. Secondly, getting them printed professionally usually means they will be done without any pixelation. Finally, you need good quality picture frames to encase the photos. From here, you can either hang them on your walls or place them on top of different furniture. Just like that, you’ve got a lot more out of your holiday photos. 

Create a photo album

Another idea that involves getting physical copies of your photos. This time, you simply need to print out the photos and add them to an album. You can find loads of cute photo albums out there to use, or you can buy ones that you’re able to customise. In essence, they have a blank cover and back, and you can let your DIY skills wreak havoc on it to create something more personal. Here’s a meta trick: try decorating the front of your photo album with some photos from your holiday!

The great thing about photo albums is that you can literally print out all of the photos from the trip and have a physical copy of them. There’s also something very nostalgic about picking up a photo album and looking back through the photos. It’s a lot better than flicking through images on your phone! Just imagine in a year or two you’re sitting with your family going through this photo album and reminiscing about your amazing holiday. 

Make a photo collage

This next idea almost blends the previous two into something else! You all know what photo collages are, they’re a collection of your favourite photos all stuck together in a cool way. Again, you need to print out the photos – but you should know how to do this by now!

From here, the world’s your oyster. Honestly, there are no rules on how to create a photo collage as it’s free for you to express yourself how you want. If you’d like some advice, what a lot of people do is buy a large photo frame and then make the collage inside it. Other people will just get a wall and stick the photos on there with blue tack or another adhesive, creating the collage as they go along. Or, there are even photo frame sets that include individual frames all connected together in a collage format. That final option is great as you can protect your photos, but it’s also easy to swap them out. 

Create your own postage stamp

Yes, you can actually turn your holiday photos into a stamp to stick on all the letters you send to people. Okay, you’re unlikely to send a lot of mail these days, but it is still likely you’ll send things to family and friends at some point. For instance, you still send cards to people at Christmas and on their birthday, right? Well, now you can add a personal touch to their cards with custom postage stamps. 

Essentially, you can go to a website and choose the photos you want to turn into stamps. From here, they will simply print the photo in the stamp format and send it to you. It’s a really fun way of doing something with your photos and preserving a memory. Plus, it will be funny for your friends/family when they receive things in the mail with your photo as the stamp!

Make a slideshow

It’s very easy to make a digital slideshow of your holiday photos these days. If you have a smartphone, and all the photos are on that device, it should already have a feature that lets you instantly add photos to make a slideshow from your gallery. iPhones certainly have this feature, and surely other devices do as well. At most, you will have to download an app to do this for you, but it’s literally so simple to do. 

Now, you have a cute slideshow you can send to people or watch whenever you like. It’ll add music to the photos, have cool transitions, and just be really cute to watch. You can make slideshows on your PC as well, but it can be slightly more complicated. This is only recommended if your photos are on a camera and you have transferred them to your PC. 

Upload them to a digital photo frame

Speaking of slideshows, digital photo frames are basically slideshows in a more physical format. You can buy a digital photo frame that lets you upload numerous photos to it, which it will then display for you. But, you can alter the settings to display numerous photos at set intervals, almost like a slideshow. One photo is up for a minute, then it transitions to another, and so on. 

A lot of people like this as an alternative to the first idea as you don’t need to print anything out and can display your entire holiday photo collection through a single photo frame. Thus, it does save both money and space!

Make a travel account on Instagram

How artsy do you get with your photos? Sharing your snaps with the world is a fun and popular thing to do. You want people to see your holiday photos and be blown away by the images you’ve captured. So, why don’t you start your own travel blog on Instagram? Create an account that’s dedicated to posting holiday photos, getting them out there for all to see. 

This is a great idea if you have loads of photos of landscapes, monuments, sunsets, and all the other typical travel images. It can be a place for you to post all of the holiday photos that aren’t super personal or include members of your family. So, you can still do any of the other ideas mentioned above, but save this one for the more professional holiday snaps you’ve taken. 

Print your photos on gifts

A really cool idea if you are buying a gift for someone in your family. Father’s Day has just been and gone, but it would’ve been a prime example of where a photo-printed gift works perfectly. Basically, there are lots of websites that let you print your holiday photos onto just about anything. A popular example is a mug, which would be a wonderful gift for someone in your family. 

Choose a photo that you think they’d like the most – such as your whole family together at the beach – and print it on the mug. It adds a personal touch to presents while ensuring your holiday lives long in everyone’s memory. Please note, you can literally print your photos on all sorts of things – it doesn’t have to be a mug! People have printed photos on luggage tags, cushions, aprons, t-shirts, or even keyrings. 

Turn them into puzzles

While we’re talking about gifts, another fun way to use your photos is by turning them into puzzles. This is something that was quite popular in the early 2000s, but people have forgotten about it since. You can take any photo you like – or make a collage – and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle for people to make. 

The cool thing about this is that you can make the puzzle as easy or hard as you like. In theory, you could make a puzzle for kids, then a harder one for adults. It’s super fun and relaxing doing a puzzle, but it’s even better when you know the final image will be a family photo. Then, you can hang it up on the wall, so it looks like a regular photo. 

Do you have some holiday photos that you want to make use of? You’ve got nine incredible ideas at your disposal right here! Now, you’ll like the sound of some ideas more than others, and that’s completely fine. None of these ideas is the ‘best’ idea that you must choose above all else – it depends on which one you find the most enjoyable. 

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