Yeti and the Bird

yetiandthebirdYeti and the Bird is a new book written and illustrated by Nadia Shireen and published by Random House. I have been looking forward to this book as I really liked the look of it as soon as I saw it.

Yeti and the Bird is a beautifully illustrated story about an unlikely friendship between a big scary Yeti, and a little bird, and how this saved the Yeti from his life of loneliness.

It’s a simple story, suitable for children of around 2-5 years (all of mine enjoyed it, age 5, 3 and 2). There are only a few sentences per page so it is not too hard to keep the younger children’s interest. The story was very engaging with lots of sound effects like Groooo from the yeti and sqwalking from the bird, so it lends it self well to being read aloud to children.

The illustrations are lovely with lots of detail, lots of great scenery shown with woodlands, mountains and sunsets and lots of cute animals too!

yetiandthebirdThe characters are great and the little bird shows that there was no need for anyone to be afraid of the Yeti – a reminder not just to judge on first impressions, and to give people a chance. The story shows how a small and totally unexpected event ending up turning around everything for the lonely Yeti!

This book is out on the 7th November but is already available for pre-order from Amazon. It’s a lovely book and a great addition to any young childs library.

This is the 3rd book from Nadia Shireen. The first two are Good Little Wolf and Hey, Presto! We haven’t read either of those yet, so will have to look out for them!

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