Making Halloween Candles

Earlier this week we were sent a Dabble Box to try out, from vDabble this was tailored towards Z’s age (5 years) but also fine for T at nearly 4. It’s perfect timing for the Dabble Box with half term here, especially as T is still recovering from his surgery and not allowed out of the house in case of infection risk, so I have needed to find plenty of things to keep the boys occupied in the house. A Dabble Box is perfect for that!

When looking through the 4 different activities included in our box, I decided to start with making Halloween candles. This is not something that it had ever occurred to me to make with the children. I really hadn’t realised that making candles could be so easy or achievable for children so young! It was a great activity, and everything we needed was right there in the box making it really convenient for me.

Candle making with kids. Simple pumpkin and bat shaped candles to make for Halloween crafts

Here’s how we got on:

makingcandles1First we softened the wax in some warm water and then shaped it, and added the wicks. Mr T enjoyed snipping the wicks to the right size and they both really enjoyed moulding the wax into the shape they wanted. They did need a bit of help from me to get the wax softened up and rolled into a good ball shape. The sheet from the Dabble Box gave ideas to make Pumpkin, Witch and Bat candles. We didn’t follow this 100% because sometimes the boys have their own ideas so I give them a bit of leeway to do it how they like. They liked the pumpkin design best so we made a couple of Pumpkins and Mr T wanted to do a bat too.

makingcandles2Once they got the hang of it they were quite able to shape their wax and make their candles into the designs they wanted.

makingcandles3And they were really pleased with the results! As was I – the candles are pretty cute and it was great fun for us all to make!

I would never have really known where to buy candle wax from, or had the idea to do this activity so the Dabble Box was brilliant in giving us a push to do this. And we still have 3 more activities which I’m sure we will do before the week is over (of course I will share them on the blog too!)


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