What new foods have we been trying lately?

One of the perks of blogging is that we often get sent some of the newly released foods to try. I am always interested in spotting something new in the supermarket anyway, as I like to try something different and see what our family thinks to it. Here are a few of the new things we have tried lately which deserve a mention πŸ˜€

Belvita Cocoa Breakfast Biscuits

belvitachocBelvita Breakfast biscuits are something which we do normally buy on and off. I really hate missing breakfast – it’s my favourite meal in the whole day! BUT sometimes I am rushing around too much, from school drops offs to speech therapy appointments, to meetings, driving lessons and wherever else without a chance to sit down and eat my breakfast in peace. On those occasions Breakfast biscuits come in really handy. The boys all love them too, sometimes as a snack! We all really liked the chocolate flavour. It has choc chips in and is really tasty. I tend to not always like “chocolate version” of products (eg I hate chocolate weetabix – sorry Weetabix, your original one is nice!!) but these Chocolate Belvita really are nice. I would recommend and buy these.

You can find out more on the Belvita Facebook Page

Crosse and Blackwell Jelly Pots

IMG_9241Jelly which is suitable for vegetarians is always a good thing for us, as a lot of jellies are made with gelatine which we have to avoid, especially pork gelatine! These are ideal as it doesn’t contain any of that, and each jelly comes in an individual pot with Monsters Inc characters on, so they are ideal for lunch boxes especially as each one comes with a spoon included. The two flavours are Apple or Blackcurrant. I did taste them as well as giving them to the kids, and I was quite impressed with the flavours especially the apple as it really does taste appley! I wasn’t expecting them to have so much flavour and be so fruity. We have also tried the Toy Story Fruit and Jelly pots from Crosse and Blackwell in the past and I would recommend both. These pots are very handy to have in for a quick pudding or as mentioned for the children’s lunchboxes. I am always looking for different things to add to their lunches, as I don’t want them to get bored with the same things every time.

I do have some more lunchbox ideas here if you are looking for more inspiration to go in the pack lunch boxes.

Dr Karg 3+3 Crispbread

DR KARG 200g Organic 3+3 SOLOThese are healthy yet tasty crispbreads containing three nutritious grains and three superseeds. I do always want to eat healthily, but if the food does not taste nice it is hard. Luckily these are really nice! I found they have a lot more flavour than the average crispbread and I really did enjoy them. I tended to eat them topped with cottage cheese and sliced cucumber but even to crunch on them on their own, they are quite tasty. I found a couple of these topped up with cottage cheese, and some vegetable sticks like carrots or cucumbers on the side did fill me up quite well for lunch. Very handy to have in the cupboard as a healthy lunchtime solution.

For more info on these see the Dr Karg website

Beanies Coffee

beaniesCaramelI tried out a couple of flavoured coffees from Beanies. These are instant flavoured coffees without syrups and without chemicals. I loved the idea of this and I liked the caramel flavour which I tried, although not the Irish Coffee flavour (no surprise really, I don’t drink so not used to Irish coffee type flavours!)

I did find that the coffee tasted nicer when made with a higher amount of hot milk rather than in the conventional instant coffee method of boiling water from the kettle and a little milk. Although when made in that way, these coffees have only 2 calories each, which is quite a positive for me. Apparently these are really good for baking with too, not that I tried it as I finished the coffee before I got round to it – but maybe in future! There are new flavours coming out for Christmas too which sounds quite interesting.

IMG_8824Limited Edition Sweet Pringles

newpringlesI have a whole post about these here but thought they deserved another mention as they are quite original and interesting! In case you missed it, Pringles have some limited edition flavours out over the Christmas period – Mint Choc, and Cinnamon. They work well in ice cream or on their own!

Have you been trying any interesting food products lately? Do you fancy any of these mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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