World Book Day Costumes at Asda

My kids always look forward to World Book Day, and love picking out fun costumes to wear to school. These days, there are so many suitable costumes available in the shops – even in supermarkets, so it’s quite easy to find something that they would like to wear, and we normally tend to go down the shop bought route for this, especially since they are very keen on costumes and dress up play anyway, so a costume bought for World Book Day will get used plenty of other times throughout the year.

This year, Asda sent over a selection of their World Book Day costumes for us to try out. There are plenty of others available in store too, for boys, girls and grown ups so it’s worth having a look if you do find yourself in need of a last minute costume this week!

world book day book character costumes from Asda

As you can see, we have a Harry Potter, Peter Pan and a Where’s Wally.

Harry Potter

This costume comes with Harry Potter’s Gryffindor robes, along with a pair of Harry Potter style glasses, a wand, and his Gryffindor striped scarf. This is great to make a full costume, rather than getting just the robes on their own. You will need to put some clothes under the robes (obviously) as they’re a top layer. Plain black trousers will work well, and the top is less important as it doesn’t show up too much.

harry potter costume for world book day

R loves his Harry Potter costume, and is looking forward to wearing this for World Book Day on Wednesday. Our eldest loves the Harry Potter books, so R has picked up on a lot of the stories from him and has enjoyed the movies too, as well as visiting Harry Potter Studios so he is already a Harry Potter fan at 4 years old. I think he looks really cute as a little Harry Potter!

harry potter costume for world book day

The material of the robes and scarf is quite silky, and the quality feels decent. The wand is plastic but pretty sturdy, and the glasses are pretty sturdy too and felt comfy enough for R to wear and leave on without getting annoyed by them.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is another character that’s always really popular with my kids when World Book Day comes around! Z dressed up as Peter Pan last year, but this new costume that Asda sent us has more detail to it and is a bit more fancy!

peter pan costume for world book day

The top has a gold belt and buttons, and plenty of detail on it like these 3d leaves. The texture of this costume is more like felt, compared to the Harry Potter costume which is silky, so Z said it was more comfy to wear a plain t-shirt underneath it but as you can see from the photos it doesn’t show up much or really affect the look of the costume.

peter pan costume for world book day

His favourite part of the Peter Pan costume is the dagger, which slots into the side of the top for storage. The dagger is foam so not sharp at all, but is a lot of fun for play fighting while in character!

peter pan costume for world book day

Where’s Wally

Where’s Wally is another classic World Book Day costume and this one is really simple as all of the designs are printed onto the fabric. It’s very comfy to wear and is a silky type of material, similar to the Harry Potter costume. This costume comes with glasses and a hat. Rather than being woolly, the hat is made of the same fabric so kids won’t feel too hot while wearing it indoors at school.

where's wally costume for world book day

T found it really funny to dress up as Where’s Wally and I think this costume looks really effective.

world book day costumes

You can get the book character costumes from Asda online, or in store – click here to see some of the varieties that are available to order online. 

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