How Would I Dress my Other Half for the Day?

I’m normally pretty happy with the way my husband dresses, both in casual and more formal situations, but House of Fraser have challenged me to share the way I would dress my other half for the day, so I’m sure I could come up with a few little changes or new ideas for him!

For casual wear, there are lots of really nice t-shirts at House of Fraser. I’m more of a t-shirt than polo shirt person, although my other half does look nice in polo shirts too, but I really like seeing him in a good quality casual t-shirt, and sometimes a long sleeved t-shirt too.

I browsed the House of Fraser website and picked out a few choices for him:


I feel like most of these choices are clothes that he would probably pick out for himself too, and definitely wouldn’t object to if I suggested them to him – so just as I thought, our tastes are quite similar. I also seem to have gone for lots of blue, grey and cream tones. These are colours that do suit my husband really well. Sometimes he might go for red or yellow type of colours too, but the blue / grey / cream / green-y colours are more my cup of tea.

For trousers, I would probably put him in a good quality pair of jeans. He doesn’t normally try any different colours of jeans, like black or darker blue, so it might be nice to see him in those too. I like him in casual chino trousers as well, which he does already wear quite a bit.

Here are a few trousers ideas I put together for him from the House of Fraser website:


How would you dress your other half for the day, given the chance? Would it be a radical fashion overhaul, or just a few subtle changes here and there like me for my other half?

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