Woodland Trust Competitions #NatureDetectives

We’re excited to be working with the Woodland Trust this summer, and will be sharing our own woodland adventures, along with fun ideas for activities to do in your local woods, and holding a Twitter party on the 4th of August, which I hope many of you will come along to.

The Woodland Trust #NatureDetectives

The Woodland Trust is a charity, campaigning to protect precious ancient woods, restore the ones that are damaged and fight for those under threat. They also create new native woodland around the UK. Since they are a charity, they cannot survive without donations, and would be unable to protect our woodlands for future generations.

To kick things off, I’m sharing a couple of great Woodland Trust competitions here today. The Woodland Trust are running a creative competition for kids this summer, offering a chance to win a Eurocamp holiday. And I’m also offering one reader the chance to win a Woodland Trust goodie bag here on In The Playroom.

Holiday Competition

To enter the main competition, kids from 0-9 have to submit a painting or drawing that is nature inspired and they will at the end pick a winner from each age group and then one overall winner.
Here’s a call to all you budding young artists out there – pick up your paintbrush, sharpen your crayons and enter our exciting Doodle Bugs Drawing Competition!
Open to children aged nine and under, we want to see your nature-inspired drawings.
It could be a cute little hedgehog paying a visit to your garden, a special tree that you love climbing or simply something nature related plucked from your imagination!
We will pick a winner from three age ranges – two and under, three to five years and six to nine years. The overall winner could win a seven day Eurocamp holiday for your whole family with Art and Craft goody bags for our runner up entries!
We went on a Eurocamp holiday in France last year, and really enjoyed our trip so I know that this is definitely a prize worth trying for! Good luck to all of you.

Read the full details and enter here

Woodland Trust Goodie Bag Competition

For your chance to win a goodie bag like this, including a notepad, a shopping bag, a swatch book, a jigsaw and a mug, enter via the Gleam widget below.

Woodland Trust goodie bag prize

Woodland Trust Goodie Bag

The Woodland Trust Membership

The Woodland Trust have recently launched Family Memberships which entitle you to the following:

Membership to Nature Detectives.
A Nature Detectives welcome folder and activity booklet, plus bookmark, nature passport and stickers.
New seasonal activity pack four times a year posted to each Nature Detective, and weekly Facebook challenges.
Different packs for different ages.
A tree dedicated to you in your nearest Woodland Trust wood.
A unique guide to native British trees.
Directory of Woodland Trust woods to discover.
Two copies of our Broadleaf and The Woods Today magazines each year.
Emails with details of activities, events and lots more.

Membership costs from £5 per month. Your membership fee goes towards protecting the countryside, providing homes for endangered animals and planting millions of trees.

To keep updated with The Woodland Trust, make sure that you follow the hashtag #NatureDetectives on social media this summer.  

69 thoughts on “Woodland Trust Competitions #NatureDetectives”

  1. we have a woods across the road which walk through with grand-kids to school, not owned by anyone though, just a wild woods

  2. we go to Tehidy woods in Cornwall 🙂 there are loads of mini woods near us but if we are going for a long walk with the dogs and kids then we go there as its beautiful 🙂

  3. I visit our nearby woods nearly everyday to walk the dogs. It’s so peaceful. I don’t know much about the Woodland Trust but.

  4. We go to the countryside a lot but not quite to any woods. Just learning about the Woodland Trust through this campaign.

  5. We don’t really have local woods, though we do live about an hour away from Grizedale Forest and it’s awesome!! I don’t know a lot at all about the woodland trust, but will do some research xx

  6. We don’t have any wooded areas near us but I love to visit woodlands when we are away, especially Cornwall or Yorkshire.

  7. Our local woods is very interesting as it has a roman road in it. The kids love going there to run, climb, shout and be free.

  8. I come from Guernsey, which is only a small island so we don’t have big woods. Or old trees as during WW2 we were occupied so most of the trees were cut down for fire wood. However, we do have some beautiful areas for walking, especially the cliff paths. It is a very picturesque island.

  9. I’ve recently joined a cycling club…I Glasgow so as a group we cycle to a lot of wooded areas …I’ve lived in Glasgow all my life and I didn’t no these places existed so it’s great fun. The woods r beautiful and very peaceful

  10. My local woods look great during bluebell season and they’re a favourite place to take my grandson. He loves them when it’s rained and he can splash in the muddy puddles.

  11. We love going for long walks and picnics in our local woods and visit whenever we can. I really like what the woodland trust do.

  12. I live in the Wyre forest so have lots of wonderful forest walks to take the family and spent many a happy hour in the forest and woods with my friends when growing up

  13. My local woods are within walking distance but rarely visit. I had heard of the Woodland trust but wasn’t really sure what they offered.

  14. The only wood where I live is Bluebell Woods and I don’t visit it often although it is beautiful when all the bluebells are out. I have heard of the Woodland Trust although I dont know a lot about what they do.

  15. I live right near Dunwich Forest and we tend to go there several times a week to walk and look at the flowers & trees. I have heard of the Woodland Trust before, but until now I didn’t truly understand what they did.

  16. My favourite Woodlands park has to be the one by Tredegar House. I had a great time the last time I was there taking pictures of two swans and nine of their signets on the pond.

  17. im from birmingham and as a family we love going to moseley bog and joys wood – beautiful and love going in the autumn

  18. Love to go walking in the Peak District with husband and daughter, we love the scenery and fresh air – always something to interest daughter, wildlife, plants, insects and bees

  19. I used to take my children to the woods when they were little, starting with dog walking, then horse riding then taking the motor bike there. Ah, fun days… my kids take there own children to the woods now.

  20. our local woods are just down the road from me, and I walk the dog there twice a day, its great to see all the wildlife there

  21. Our local woods are Kilminorth Woods which has a river running through it.We love to go looking for chestnuts in the Autumn and my husband and son go badger watching late in the evening.It has some huge badger sets and a colony of badgers which come into our garden.The Woodland Trust is such an important charity to help preserve places like this one.

  22. We are in the country but unfortunately the oaks in the field behind us have some sort of diesese. But nothing can be done because it’s on private land. 🙁

  23. We love going to our local woods, my little girl loves nature and exploring the woods and surrounding countryside! I’ve been a supporter of the Woodland Trust since I was a child, and now my Daughter is too !

  24. I have a nature reserve and woodland right next to where i live, me and the family go for walks there almost every day

  25. Our local woods are lovely, but I don’t visit as often as I should – nor do I know as much about The Woodland Trust as I should! I do know enough to know they do fantastic work though

  26. We have some.Woods we walk through to get to the supermarket. We always imagine lots of animals in there and listen carefully to see what we can hear.

    My 2 year old said he heard a Giraffe the other day!!

    I don’t really know much about woodland trust

  27. We are often in our local woods as it is next to my son’s school…and The Woodland Trust protects English woodlands 🙂


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