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Have you seen Furchester Hotel on CBeebies, featuring many of the old favourite characters from Sesame Street? Now there is a magazine available for Furchester Hotel fans too, which supports the early years curriculum making it a fun way to learn.



The magazine includes over 30 pages of stories, activities and colouring along with a sheet of stickers to use on several of the pages. The activities are at a good level for my youngest two boys, at almost 4, and 5 and half years old. There’s counting, adding, writing and pre-writing, and lots of bits to read either independently or with a parent.

IMG_0117The activities within the magazine keep my kids occupied for a good while, and usually they need more than one sitting to finish everything within it, which makes the magazines great value at 2.75 per issue. I always trust BBC magazines to be good quality with a decent amount of activities at the right level.



Furchester Hotel Portraits

Furchester Hotel portraits craft for kids using furry fabric scraps. Make your favourite sesame street characters - Cookie monster, Elmo, and Phoebe tooIn each issue of the magazine, you will get a free gift and in this first issue it comes with a fun Furchester Hotel Portraits making set which we had fun with. There was plenty in the set for all three boys to have a go.

IMG_0102They had fun putting all of the pieces together to make their characters, and then frame them.

IMG_0104And I think that they came out great!



The Furchester Hotel magazine launches today with the first issue. So look out for it in shops now! 

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