Winter Driving: Better Safe than Sorry

Winter is here, and while the kids may get excited about playing out in the snow, one of the first things that crosses my mind is always whether it’s going to be difficult to drive and get around if the weather becomes too icy and snowy!

When winter hits, it’s always worth making sure your car is prepared so that you don’t get caught out with the unexpected. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your car make it through the colder weather safely…

Check that your tyres are suitable and attuned to drive in the Winter.

You can buy separate winter driving tyres if needed, these have larger gaps in the tread and are better to handle snow and ice. Depending on the weather forecast, these may be a good idea as we had so much snow last year and perhaps the same again?

Make sure that your car batteries  are functional and fit

It’s always best to check this, so that no inconvenience is caused and to assure a safe drive. The cold weather can affect your car battery, as during really cold weather it takes twice as much energy for your car to start. If you’re in the habit of doing lots of shorter local journeys, instead of long journeys, this can mean that your battery doesn’t get as much chance to recharge and with the cold weather it can end up dying. I had to call someone out to replace our car battery last year in the Winter, as the car was on the drive unable to start, so it’s definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Look into Car servicing 

This will allow your car to be fully prepared to bear the severe weather conditions and preventing hindrance while you enjoy your journey.


It should not be forgotten to schedule your car for an MOT if needed. This is essential for all cars, and should be carried out every 12 months if your car is over 3 years old, to make sure it is safe to drive. Our car is quite a bit older than 3 years so this is of great importance to make sure it’s carried out in a timely fashion, and we keep up with any work that needs doing to keep our car running safely.

Make sure your car is MOT approved before you get It on the roads. Get MOT in Wakefield from Ossett tyre house today!

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