10 reasons to visit Sicily with your family this upcoming year

A family trip to Sicily is one that will leave your family with wonderful memories for years to come. Sicily offers numerous beautiful spots for vacations, so visitors have the choice of what parts of the island they would like to visit and what they would like to do when they are there. There are big cities and smaller villages, surrounded by a beautiful coastline. Thankfully, it is easy to arrive on the island with its three main international airports and you can rent a car while you are there or explore via bus.

Sicily is a magical place and I could go on and on about it, but for now, here are 10 reasons to visit Sicily with your family this upcoming year.

  1. The locals are friendly and kids are welcomed! Family is extremely important in Sicily so the island is very accommodating for adventuring families.

  2. The climate in Sicily is comfortable and gorgeous.

  3. The food is something you will be dreaming about forever. You can find the Italian classics, such as pizza and pasta, as well as local specialties, such as lemons, pistachios, fresh seafood and sweet treats like cannoli.

  4. You will be surrounded by beauty at every turn. The seaside, volcanoes, countryside, vineyards, quaint villages, and so much more.

  5. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and lead to the gemstone-coloured Mediterranean Sea. You can find both rocky beaches sandy beaches.

  6. You can visit a combination of main cities, such as Palermo, as well as the fishing villages that are quaint and have so much character.

  7. For accommodation, you can find options that are tucked away so you can soak it all in and wake up in an environment that you can find only in Sicily. It is highly recommended to check out one of the many Sicily villas with pool, like ones available on Wishsicily for example.

  8. There are historical sites to see just about everywhere, including ancient temples, churches, Greek temples. The island is home to 7 UNESCO heritage sites.

  9. While summer in Sicily is classic, the off-season is debatably even more comfortable. Lower temperatures, fewer crows and lower prices!

  10. The local wine is affordable and delicious.

Sound like somewhere you would like to visit? There is a lot to do and see so make the most of your trip by planning ahead! If you have an idea of the sites that you would like to see, you can plan from there and choose a location of where you’d like to stay accordingly. For example, upon arrival you can visit the main city that you arrive in, Taormina to Mount Etna the following day, Syracuse, the Greek Theatre and a nearby beach he following day, and so on. Luckily, many villages and site are not too far from a beach so there will always be plenty to do!

For some family activities that fun for everyone, here are a few ideas of things to do: visit a cheese factory, take a bike ride and explore, see a traditional puppet show in Syracuse, hike up or go on a horse ride up Mount Etna, take a boat ride and go snorkelling.

Sicily is absolutely a destination unlike any other and perfect for family travel as it has something for everyone.

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