5 Tips to Plan Your 5 Year Old’s Birthday Party 

Planning your child’s birthday party can be so fun, but it might feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start!

You want to see your child’s face light up at the awesome party that you’ve put together – but you’re a busy parent and want to simplify the planning process as much as possible.

Sound familiar? Keep reading to find out our top five tips for planning a 5th birthday party that your child is sure to remember for years to come!

1. Pick Your Theme 

A theme is central to your 5-year-old’s birthday party. Kids love to dress up and play pretend!

Picking just one theme can be hard, especially if your child has lots of interests.

Helpful tips to identify a good theme is to think of your child’s favorite movie, animal, character, or sport.

For example, if your child loves the ocean and sea creatures, maybe a good theme would be “Under the Sea!”

Picking your theme before doing anything else will help you create invites, pick décor and dinnerware, and even help you pick a cake design.

The theme ties everything together and makes it easier to decide what you will buy!

2. Decide on Your Venue 

Once you’ve got your theme locked down, and before you invite guests, you need to pick a venue.

Make a rough list of all the people your child would like to have (classmates, teammates, family members, etc.).

Use that rough estimate to decide where you will host the party. If you can fit all the expected guests in your home, you could simply host there.

If you can’t comfortably fit your guests in your home, there are still plenty of options.

If your child’s birthday is a in warmer month, maybe you could have a backyard party or cookout.

Or if there’s an activity your child loves to do, like rollerblading or swimming, you could host at a venue where those activities are offered.

Both roller rinks and public pools will usually allow you to reserve a table and host a party! Call around and see what is offered. 

3. Send Your Invites

Once your venue and theme are decided, you should send out invites next.

It’s important to send invites as early as possible to alert the guests of the date and make sure they can come.

Your invites should include the following information:

  • Location
  • Date and timeframe
  • The child’s name
  • An RSVP section – encourage guests to call or text you by a certain date to confirm whether they can come or not
  • Dress code/theme

This basic info makes the invite functional, but what about fun? Getting your guests excited about the party is also important.

Take the theme you decided on in Step One and tailor your invites to reflect the theme of the party! 

For example, if you’re having a baseball-themed party, maybe you have a baseball diamond as the backdrop of your invite.

You can make it as fun or as plain as you want. You might be thinking, “I’m not a graphic designer! How will I make a custom invite?”

Don’t panic! Websites like PosterMyWall offer easy-to-use birthday invite templates.

They offer tons of options for themes and customization. You can use a template ‘as-is’ and simply add in your custom information.

Or you can customize away − changing colors, graphics, text layout, and more on your invites to create a fun and unique look! 

4. Prepare for the Big Day

Now that your customized invites have been sent, you are ready to plan out the details.

Here are some details you should focus on in the weeks leading up to the event:

  • Cake and food − Everyone knows the cake is the most important part of the birthday party! You can choose a fun and delicious cake that meets your theme from a local bakery. You should also plan what food will be offered, both for kids and adults. If the venue you chose does not offer food for the party, look into some local catering services. Or you can choose a potluck style and have everyone bring something to share!
  • Decorations − The décor can make or break the ambiance! Visit a local party store to pick out some décor that goes with your chosen theme. You can have your child help pick things out or surprise them!
  • Seating − If you will be responsible for providing seating at the party, make sure you have enough tables and chairs to fit your expected guest list comfortably. You can even get plates, napkins, and tablecloths that match the theme!
  • Activities − If you’ll be responsible for planning the day’s activities, make a rough schedule of what the activities will be and when they will happen. Then make sure you have the supplies to complete these activities with ease. 

Looking for a truly special piece of décor for your child’s birthday? You make a customizable family collage on PosterMyWall to hang at the venue or put on the tables.

A family collage is sure to make your guests smile and remind your child of all the people who love them! 

5. Enjoy the Party

Finally, once all the prep is done, you can enjoy the party with your child and guests.

By completing all the preparatory steps listed above, once the day of the event comes you should be able to kick your feet up and relax. 

Want to show your child how special they are to you? Skip the generic drugstore birthday card and make a customizable birthday card on PosterMyWall.

You can choose from hundreds of templates and customize them to your heart’s desire.

Your child will love a card that was made just for them, and it will be a memory they hold dear for years to come! 

Remember to enjoy the moment and take lots of pictures. One day, you’ll be able to look back on this day with your older child and experience the joy all over again! 

In Conclusion

Hosting a five-year-old’s birthday party can feel overwhelming, but by planning the event ahead of time and making sure you have everything you need, you should feel like a pro party planner in no time.

By following the steps provided in this article, you will be able to enjoy the moment with your child and look back fondly at the party for years to come! 

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