Why Are Varifocals Blurry At The Edges?

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By Luciana Oliveira

Do you know why varifocals lenses are blurred at the edges? It is common to have blurry edges when you wear varifocal lenses and that is because these lenses consist of three refractive zones.

Those are near, far, and intermediate, and when you squeeze all the power into one frame, there are some sorts of distortions that are experienced at the sides.

And as the power increases, the distortion also increases. So if a person tries to look from the sides, they might experience blurry vision. 

How can the issue of blurry vision be sorted?

The very first thing that one must understand is that when you will order varifocals there will be some amount of distortion but how can that be prevented?

One can completely prevent the distortions but premium varifocal lenses offer less amount of distortions even at ends with high prescriptions. 

At Specscart, you will find a perfect pair of premium varifocal lenses where even if you have a high and complicated prescription the distortion levels will be way less, and that too at competitive prices. 

What makes varifocal lenses special?

The best part about these lenses is that they are able to cover three refractive zones that are near, far and intermediate which is way different from the bifocal lenses.

And there is no discomforting division between the zones allowing the complete and smooth movement of the eyes along the lenses.

This also provides the best comfort and access to every vision issue. But as a first-time user, you might take some time to adjust to the changes. 

Adjusting to the varifocal glasses

If you are a first-time user then this is right for you, as varifocal lenses offer various refractive zones that have different power circles.

When they move their eyes from one point to the other, they might experience a sudden change in vision as a first-time user. So here is everything you can do to adjust the varifocal lenses:

  • Do not switch back to your old glasses once you have started using the varifocal lenses. 
  • Make sure that you’re wearing the glasses without skipping in between. 
  • Avoid sudden movements of the eyes and try to move the head in the direction so that one can avoid the sudden movement of the eyes across the lens and cause discomfort. 
  • Keeping consistency is what the ultimate key is, one has to give time for the eyes and the brain to adjust to the changes. 

Why do you need reading glasses?

Another well common issue after the 40s is the use of reading glasses. Why is that?

After a certain age, your eyes start to lose their elasticity making it difficult for you to see or even focus on something written.

It becomes tough to read anything that has been written in small letters hence that is the reason for using reading glasses. 

Reading glasses consist of magnifying effects, the help in making even the small letters look big, helping the one to read and even focus on the letters.

These reading glasses can be both prescriptive and non-prescriptive as per your eye requirement.

But, it would be well considered for one to consult a specialist regarding the same, and generally, reading glasses are the best solution that is offered. 

Styles to look out for varifocal lenses

Now, if you are out for a hunt for varifocal glasses, we have the perfect men’s glasses collection you would definitely want to try on:

Cat-eye glasses: The upsweeps that will make you want to have the best of the dates.

An instant confidence booster, these glasses are the perfect accessory for everyday use, starting from the day at work to a perfect outing with friends, these glasses have it all. 

Round glasses: Sleekest of all styles, round glasses have made their way through every possible trend and that is exactly what keeps it going.

They are versatile enough to be easily paired with different outfits and perfect to have a smooth touch to the angular facial features.

A perfect blend of fun and smart accessorization. Make sure to carry them along on your perfect day out. 

Geometric glasses: Do not confuse them for your boring maths lessons as geometric glasses are the perfect one if you are looking for something out of the box.

Its multiple corners and sides make it a more desirable pair than the usual shapes.

Exactly, if you are looking for a pick that is not what you have usually worn then here is your chance.

Square glasses: Timid yet sturdy, square glasses are perfect for one to make a statement.

The sharp angles are exactly what you will be looking for in the smooth features.

Make sure to carry these perfect pairs to your first day at work and have your personality stand out. 

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