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Out There Interiors are a company specialising in designer furniture and accessories. I have been trying to make an effort recently to add a few more accessories to my house and get it looking a little more welcoming and tidy, rather than cluttered and disorganised. We moved into our home a year and a half ago now, but still have loads more finishing touches to do. The hall way is an area that does need quite a bit of improvement, and as that is the first thing people see when they come in I would like it to look more inviting and appealing.

I recently had the chance to choose something from Out There Interiors to review so after looking through the range, I thought it would be great to get an accessory for my hallway and I went for these coloured building blocks spelling out “welcome”

welcome bricks out there interiors

They can be arranged any way you like to suit your space as all the bricks are individual. I knew exactly were I wanted to place them in my hallway. We have a wall mounted shelf with space to hang the coats, and I thought it would be ideal on top of this. It all fits in just perfectly.

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It gives a lovely splash of colour to the Hallway, which is great against the white wall and white shelf. It also looks much more smart and presentable – I hate to admit but I was leaving some clutter up there before and it did not look good! I have found that putting something decorative on the empty surfaces stops me from leaving clutter on those surfaces so I am trying to implement this all around my house.

Each of the bricks are quite large in size and have a weathered vintage look to them, to give a bit of character.
out there interiors The colours are not overly bright so as to look tacky, but they do have some vibrancy to them and are in a lovely mix of shades. out there interiors wOut There Interiors also have some very similar bricks spelling out “Home” which may be suited if you have a slightly smaller space. I like those too! But Welcome is a perfect message for my hall way! I really like the fun and childlike aspect to them how the design reminds you of children’s building blocks. Being a home with small children, I felt it’s a nice touch to reflect the character of our home.

What areas of your home are you looking to improve? I would love to know if you have anything planned or have your eye on anything in particular so let me know in the comments. The next step for my hall way will be a new mirror and lighting to get the whole space finished off!

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