Wardrobe Essentials For Minimalist Mums

We are all well aware of the changes that having a baby bring into our lives. And with our bodies changing so will our wardrobes. I have been trying to apply minimalism into my life for a while now and when it came to wardrobe essentials I think I did a very good job! Minimalism is not only about having less things but also focusing on the quality of these items so you avoid buying so often.

The quality part of the minimalism philosophy was definitely the hardest part for me. I am not that much into shopping but whenever I have to I go for cheap and never bother about quality. With time I realised that if you invest a bit more money on an item that will probably last and in the long run you will be saving money, which is what minimalism is about. Buy less but good quality items.

I will share some women’s clothing items I chose after having my daughter and hopefully that will give you some good ideas of what to get for yourself.


When it comes to clothing my first thing to consider is comfort, especially after becoming a mum. You will be very active with your new baby so comfort is key. Leggings were my best friend when I first had my daughter. They are stretchy and comfy and easy to combine with other items. Black leggings were my go to choice and still are to this day. 

One tip I would give is to invest on good quality leggings. I had a thing about buying cheap ones and they will not last long. After a few washes they will start losing shape and probably tear. I would say 3 pair of good quality leggings will go a long way. You can pair it with trainers, a basic t-shirt and you are good to go. If you want to make it look cool you can accessorise to your taste.

Nursing Bras

If you are breastfeeding you will need a few good quality bras. This one was a hard pill to swallow for me. Some of the nursing bras are quite expensive but I did not regret investing some money on them. I had a cleaning on my wardrobe recently and my nursing bras still look immaculate even after 3 years of constant use. They were worth every penny. 


I didn’t bounce back to my pre baby weight after having my daughter and quite frankly I am pretty happy with how my body looks now. If you did then you can probably skip this suggestion. Well none of my pre baby jeans fit me after my daughter was born so I had to invest on a good pair of new ones.

I went for Levi’s because I know the brand and had great pairs in the past. They have a great range of stretchy jeans that will last a long time. You can definitely find other very good brands for jeans but always make sure to put quality over quantity.



Get a few flowy dresses if you are into them. But before committing to that cute flowery dress make sure that it is nursing friendly if you are breastfeeding. You may have to try it on and test its functionality when it comes to that.

Trust me this will save you a lot of unnecessary stress. I would always stick to stretchy fabrics because you may be sitting for a while if you breastfeed.



I was always in trainers. Again, I was very much focused on comfort. I had a few pairs of running trainers because they offer extra room and are soft. I also had a couple of slip-ons because of how practical they are. If you have an important occasion or need to wear heels I would chose platforms or wedges.

They offer more stability and are more comfortable to wear if you need to be standing for a long time or walk too much. I would stay away from stilettos as much as possible or maybe have 1 pair in case of “emergencies”.


I love to wear basic clothing and accessorise with my favourite things. I love how you can take a basic look to a fancy one just by changing the accessories you combine with it. I have afro hair so bandanas were my go to hair accessories but I also love hats. Jewellery also adds a nice touch and are fairly easy to grab and go. Scarves are also a great ally to bring some life and a pop of colour to your look.

My biggest tip when it comes to wardrobe essentials for mums is keep it simple, keep it light and comfortable. Do not stress about it too much and focus on quality over quantity. Keep your main pieces plain and simple and prioritise basic colours like black, white and grey and accessorise to add colour and some fun to your looks.

Also remember you will not have much time to plan your outfits in advance and you do not want to be stressing about it every morning so keep some basic pieces that go with everything in hand. You’ve got this mama!



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