Tips For Taking Your Child To A West End Show For The First Time

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By Luciana Oliveira

A day out with the kids is always a fun adventure. It can be a handful but if you plan a bit ahead of time you will be able to enjoy the experience. The West End is filled with entertainment for the little ones and it is an incredible cultural experience for their little curious minds and parents are in for a treat as well. The London night life is very exciting. The little ones will love the bright marquee lights and be mesmerized by how lively the city is at night. It is undeniably one of the coolest things to do in London.

The West End is known but their high quality theatrical productions and it comprises Covent Garden, Soho, Leicester Square, Oxford St., Chinatown, Mayfair, Fitzrovia and Marylebone. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten any neighbourhood. There areas are basically categorized as the London Theatre Scene because most of the theatres are concentrated in these areas.

If you have been wondering about taking the kids to watch some of the amazing shows in the West End, in this post I will share with you some tips based on some research I have made and also personal experience. When I was in Dubai, coming to London to watch one of their famous shows in the West End was always one of the things I was very excited about.

Luckily I had the opportunity to watch two of them : The Lion King and Thriller, and let me tell you it was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. If you are into musicals you must give it a try. There is always shows that are suitable for children and the grown ups will also enjoy every second of it.


West End shows are considered an expensive treat, but there are plenty of ways to secure cheap London theatre tickets for top plays and musicals. Make sure to do some research before buying your tickets. Compare between websites to guarantee you will get the best prices. Some of them offer deals, discounts and some are also on sale. So don’t rush into buying it and take some time to research. Have a look these official sites to find out a bit more about the shows and prices: and 

You can also check the Kids’ Theatre guide on to see what is on specifically for the little ones like The Lion King  and Matilda. You can use the seat view tool where customers have the chance to preview their view before they book so you know exactly what you are getting for the price you are paying. This is extremely reassuring when buying tickets for any show.


I would highly recommend for you to make sure to book a restaurant close to the theatre and have some dinner before the show. The sessions can be quite long and even though they do have breaks in between the acts you do not want the fun to be ruined by cranky hungry children. Fill their tummies beforehand and thank me later. 

Regardless of where you chose to go for dinner and what course meal you go for make sure to inform the staff that you need to be out at an specific time for the show and they will work accordingly to deliver you meal in a timely manner so you don’t be late.


Make sure to check if they want to have a quick trip to the loo before the show starts. Let’s call it the weewee train and see if you can convince them to at least try. My daughter is very stubborn and doesn’t like to be aske to go. This may sound silly but is a small thing that may save you from getting up in the middle of the exciting part of the show to run to the loo.

Not to mention you may disrupt the other viewers. But to be honest…if you have to go you have to go. In the end of the day it is a children’s show and things like this happen.


This is an easy one for me. If there is any kind of soft toy that is the one my daughter will go for. A souvenir is a great way to remember such an exciting experience so have a look at their official merchandise shops before you take your seat. It will be so nice for them to have a teddy or any other merch from the show they are watching. It is definitely a very nice touch to the whole experience and they will always associate the souvenir to the special time they had.


Do not take this opportunity for granted. Use it to refill on snacks, hydrate and stretch your legs. Kids can get fidgety when they need to sit for a long period of time so the intervals will allow them to change the scenery for a little bit and regulate themselves. Also if you missed the first weewee train this is a great opportunity to catch it. Make sure to hydrate yourself and the little ones always.  

I always enjoyed musicals and plays and I remember the feeling of absolute ecstasy I felt at the end of Thriller. I laughed and cried and was in my feels for days after that show. I still remember that show in details because it touched me so much. As a Michael Jackson fan I could not recommend it enough. The level of quality across the whole show was astounding. The singers and dancers really took my breath away from start to finish. 

Thriller is not necessary suitable for children but you can definitely find plenty of options for them. The Lion King was also amazing. The production is beyond anything I have ever seen and transports you to a different reality. It is a memorable experience and if you have an opportunity to do so you will not regret.

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  1. I love going to the theatre with my young nephews (9 and 11). Our favourites so far have been
    – The Lion King
    – Matilda
    – Wicked

    Something worth mentioning is to get there nice and early if you need booster seats! It’s much easier to sort before the theatre gets packed and often they’re given out on a first-come basis.


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