Which Colour Is Best For a Teddy Bear?

A teddy bear is a furry companion that comes shaped like a bear. The teddy bear has always been one of the most popular choices of a toy among people of different ages. A teddy bear symbolizes love, happiness, loyalty, faith, and growth. They are the most popular gifts for children and adults as well. You can also give a get well soon bear to your dear one who is ill or having an injury, this will bring a smile on their face, and the bear will act as a companion. Every year, on the 9th of September, National Teddy Bear Day gets celebrated. 

You must be careful while selecting a teddy bear for your near ones because different colors of teddies represent different sentiments and emotions. Here is a list of teddy colors that will clear the confusion regarding the colors of the teddies and will help you to choose the right one:

  • Red Coloured Teddy Bear

The color red symbolizes deep love, passion, and romance. A red-colored teddy bear is a perfect gift option that can be exchanged by lovers. It depicts the deep feelings and intensity shared by couples all over the world. 

  • White Coloured Teddy Bear

The color white symbolizes purity or innocence. It will be a good idea to give a white-colored teddy bear to your friends or your family. You can also give it to people who are looking forward to a fresh start. You must keep in mind that a white teddy bear is not a romantic one. 

  • Pink Coloured Teddy Bear

The color pink symbolizes love, adoration, compassion, and affection. You can express the extra-special feelings and unconditional love you have in your heart for your special one by gifting them a pink teddy bear. 

  • Blue Coloured Teddy Bear

The color blue signifies trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, truth, and heaven. You can gift it to someone special who you feel lucky to have in your life. This royal-colored teddy is a lovely gift for your dear ones.

  • Purple Coloured Teddy Bear

The color purple symbolizes luxury, strength, magic, and nobility. It is the best gift option that you can give to your friend and family on their birthdays or other special occasions. It signifies feelings of love and affection. Apart from this, the color purple also denotes a lack of interest in a person so, you must select carefully before giving it to someone.

  • Orange Coloured Teddy Bear

The color orange signifies energy, happiness, creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. It is a good gift option, and it emits warmth and positive vibes. 

  • Brown Coloured Teddy Bear

The color brown signifies a sense of strength and reliability. The brown-colored teddy bear is the most selling teddy on occasions like birthdays, valentines day, and many more, but it also implies a broken heart. So, you must think carefully before presenting it to someone.

  • Green Colored Teddy Bear

The color green signifies harmony, natural beauty, growth, fertility, and freshness. A green teddy bear acts as a significant emotional connection with your special one. You can also present it to children or to your friends or family on any special occasion to make them feel special.

  • Yellow Colored Teddy Bear

The color yellow implies happiness and optimism. But it also has a dark side like betrayal, egoism, and madness. So, presenting a yellow teddy bear to your lover is not a good option. You can give it to any children on their birthdays or other occasions.


Before presenting a teddy bear to your near and dear ones, you must learn the meanings of different colors to prevent wrong and terrifying gifting. I hope this article will be helpful and provide you with perfect knowledge about different colored teddy bears. If you are willing to explore some exciting colour options, visit big-ted.co.uk.



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