Upcycled Glitter Autumn Leaf Craft (Fall Decor)

Get crafty ready for Fall with this easy upcycled Autumn leaf craft.

As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to turn yellow, I thought it would be fun to share this easy upcycled autumn leaf craft idea.

I love fall. Not only because it is the perfect time to cozy up by the fireplace with a good book but also because it is the perfect time to be outside. There is no better way to enjoy the crisp, cool days than by doing something crafty.

autumn leaves craft

If you are a fan of the fall season, then today’s craft will be perfect for you. For this project, we will take you step by step how to put together this gorgeous fall decor using old book pages and glitter.

This craft will look really cute and you’ll get to decorate the house once you’re done!

This Autumn craft project is so easy, you can make it together with the kids and have the whole house giving off Fall vibes in no time.

upcycled book craft for autumn

Make this Upcycled Autumn Leaf Craft from an old book page and some glitter!


Follow the step by step instructions below to make this gorgeous and easy upcycled Fall decor to decorate your house ready for Autumn.

Glitter Autumn Leaf Craft

Glitter Autumn Leaf Craft

Upcycle old book pages into these beautiful autumn leaf crafts with glitter. The perfect decor for Fall.


  • Book pages
  • Glue gun & sticks
  • Pencil
  • Glitters
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hemp yarn
  • Cardboard eg an Old Cardboard Folder


  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors


    Gather together your materials and supplies

    Step 1: Draw a maple leaf shape onto the book pages and cut it.

    You can use these Autumn leaves coloring pages shapes for inspiration and as a guide.

    Step 2: Use glue to paste the cut leaf shape onto your cardboard folder (or recycle an empty cardboard cereal box for this step).

    After gluing the leaf shape to the cardboard, cut it out again.

    Your leaf now has a little more strength and robustness with the cardboard backing.

    Step 3: Trace a smaller leaf shape inside the orignal leaf, using the pencil.

    Step 4: Add a layer of glue to the outside edge of the traced leaf to create a border, this is where you will add the glitter.

    You can make this border section as thick or as thin as you like, depending on the style that you prefer.

    Adjust your inner leaf size accordingly in step 3 to get a different result for this step.

    Step 5: Add the glitter.

    Choose beautiful Autumnal colors like gold, orange, burgundy, dark yellow, all of the colors of Fall leaves.

    You can also mix it up with silver, or other deep colors that go well with a Fall palette like teal or mustard.

    If you have environmental concerns, considering using bio glitter - this stuff is recyclable and just as sparkly and pretty as the glitters that we are all used to, but it is biodegradable.

    Step 6: You’re almost there! Use the glue gun to stick the hemp rope at the back of the leaf for you to be able to hang the craft.

    Cut the hemp rope to size

    Turn over your fall leaf and glue the rope or string securely at the back, to create a loop for hanging.

    Step 7: You can now decorate your house with your GLITTERY PAPER LEAF DÉCOR, you did great!

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Isn’t it so pretty?!

This Upcycled Glitter Autumn Leaf Craft will look beautiful in your home or office and will help you show off some of the amazing colors and textures found throughout nature.

Get inspired by the beauty of nature and transform it into a fun craft project this Fall, that the whole family will love.

This great craft is ideal for the September, October, November season.

simple glitter leaf autumn craft

Craft Tips:

Kids will love this creative idea, but be careful when using the scissors and the glue gun with younger children. Check our guide to arts and crafts safety.

Choose the proper materials to achieve the aspired outcome.

Let your creativity flow in your works, and enjoy the process. This is a relaxing and calming activity to spend some peaceful time with the kids and create something lovely.

You’re free to add designs you want. Mix up the colors, try different types of glitter.

You could also recycle the kids old art works and paintings into glitter leaves, as well as using old book pages.

glitter autumn leaf craft

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We hope that you enjoy this DIY project. I also invite you to share your upcycling projects with us via social media. Have fun decorating and crafting this fall! Happy creating.

Please share this idea with crafty friends and family so everyone can enjoy this simple activity.

We always appreciate pins to your Pinterest boards – thanks so much!

Upcycled autumn leaf fall decor with glitter

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