Cardboard Tube and Yarn Autumn Trees

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Cardboard tubes are such a versatile craft material. You can use them to make almost anything! We put them together with some yarn and pom poms to make these cute Autumn trees. Why not make a few, getting all the children to make some each and stand them up to make a whole fall themed forest!

Cardboard tube Autumn trees. Fun fall craft to make with kids, good for fine motor skills


To make these Autumn trees you will need:

  • Cardboard tubes. Use empty toilet rolls or empty kitchen rolls cut in half (or full size for a variation in size)
  • Cardboard cut into semi circle shapes
  • Orange or yellow yarn / wool
  • Small pom poms in Autumn colours – orange, yellow, red, brown
  • Brown ribbon (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (or have self adhesive pom poms)

How to make these cardboard tube Autumn trees

First, cut small slits into the sides of each cardboard tube, so that you can slot in the cardboard semi circle to make the top of the tree.


Also cut small snips across the top and bottom of the cardboard semi circle to allow you to weave the yarn around the cardboard. Tape one end of the yarn to the back of the cardboard when you start to make sure that it does not slip off – and you will tape the other end at the end once you’re done.


Weave the yarn across the cardboard, back and forth, up and down. It doesn’t really matter if it’s not all straight – criss cross is fine and adds to the effect. It’s a good fine motor craft for little ones and takes some concentration.


Once you’re done with the weaving, you’re ready to decorate the front of the tree with some coloured pom poms to give it some more personality. We used self adhesive pom poms from Baker Ross which stick on really well and are easy for the kids to stick without glue.

Add any extra stickers or details if you want – T wanted to add a butterfly.


Once you’re done, you can wrap brown ribbon around the tree trunk for extra effect if you like. Just tape to secure the ends.


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