Turbo Super Stunt Squad for Xbox 360

Turbo Super Stunt SquadTurbo Super Stunt Squad may be Mr Z’s favourite thing that we have reviewed on the blog so far! For a 5 year old with some previous experience and knowledge of how to use the X box controls, this is an ideal game and he is finding it really fun.

We have had it a couple of weeks now and he is now on level two. Obviously being a young child and as I won’t allow him to play it every single day it will take him a little while to complete all the levels but he has been able to make progress and gradually achieve the objectives so I would say the difficulty level is right for his age group. It is not overly easy. It has challenged him a bit and although the game is rated Pegi 3 I think a 3 year old would find it too hard to complete the levels. My 3 year old enjoys watching his older brother play, but would not be able to complete all of the missions.

In the game you start in the kitchen environment and have a checklist of objectives to complete before you move to the next section. These are things like performing certain stunts in particular areas of the kitchen, or collecting all the letters to make the word TURBO.

turbo super stunt squad screen shotOne of the aspects that Mr Z also really enjoyed was picking out his snail and making sure he had a good one with a good shell and some good skills! He is very into scores and comparing abilities of the different characters so this bit of the game really appealed to him.

turbo super stunt squad screen shotAs well as performing the objectives to move through the levels, you can go to some practise areas in the game which will help you to learn some of the techniques and how to do certain stunts. Mr Z found this helpful to pick up some extra tricks when he was getting stuck on some of the objectives, and it can provide a bit of variety to the game play too as you can choose from lots of different areas to practise.

This is a great game if you have a little one who is into Turbo and is starting to get into gaming. It is a little more challenging than just a straight forward racing around a circuit game but there is lots to it and it will offer hours and hours of fun. I would say 5+ for the ideal age, and if your child is anything like My Mr Z they will love it. It is not really too babyish so I think the game would be suitable for older children too, and is a good family friendly one for mixed age groups to play.

Watch the game trailer here:

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