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If you are a parent and like me struggles to come up with ideas to keep the little ones entertained read on. To be honest I think even the most creative parents are running out of options of what to do with the kids after all these lockdowns and time off school. It is hard and we have been very proactive during these turbulent times and tried our best to come up with some ideas. We have been really lucky to be approached by amazing people and companies that offered some brilliant options and this time we will talk about Eva & Rose boutique.

Let me start by saying I have always been quite picky about what type of toys to get to my little one. Personally I like simple toys where the child has the opportunity to create and develop more of an imaginative play. I have nothing against toys with lights and music but I always preferred toys without these features. There is a side of me that is instantly attracted to wooden toys and pastel colours and things that look handmade and unique and it also reflects the lifestyle I am trying to create for me and my family. I miss how simpler and quieter life used to be not long ago and I would love to bring my daughter up to this kind of environment.

When Eva & Rose approached us I went straight to their website and I honestly do not even know where to start. You just know when people get together and put all their passion and dedication to create something special and that’s exactly what you feel when you go on their website. My first reaction was “Wow this is magical!!!” The attention to detail across the entire website was made in a way to create the best experience from start to finish. The colour palette is so soothing and attractive is almost impossible to not want to explore all corners of each section to make sure you didn’t miss anything. It is easy to navigate and absolutely gorgeous.

They work with a few brands and if you know exactly what you are looking for you can categorize it by brand. Olli Ella make gorgeous and sustainable toys. Have a look at this adorable farm animals pack. Their size is perfect for little hands and they come in a lovely gift box which is also their house! Kids will be happy to be able to carry their new farm friends wherever they go.

Now look at this beauty! Its not only utterly cute kids can not only snuggle with these little guys but also dress them up and comb their hair. 1they are also very mobile and you can put them on different poses. The Dinkum Dolls are a best seller or Olli Ella and they sell out really quick. This little face is irresistible!

My daughter is 4 years old and she absolutely loves dressing up. From superheros to fairies she will barely have any normal clothes on if costumes are available. Mimi & Lula have what you need. Their accessories are rich in detail and look fabulous. Boys and girls that enjoy dressing up will love it. These wings and wand combo is so beautiful I hope they have adult size because I may need it asap!

I have a thing for black outfits for my daughter and this tutu dress by I Love Plum is everything! Combined with these gorgeous hairclips to finish the look I can see my daughter rocking this set anyday!

Meri Meri has also beautifully made and unique accessories. These ones definitely caught my eyes. I love pieces that at out of the box and these are perfect. What about a hairclip for each day of the week? Yes, they have it! How cool are these?

If you are looking for ways to keep busy during this lockdown era what about redecorating the little ones playroom or bedroom? Once visiting Eva & Rose’s website pop to Fiona Walker and check their very original options for wall decoration. Here is my favourite picks:

These pieces by Fiona Walker are hand crafted and ethically made…and how beautiful is this felt Lion head Wall Decor?

I love toys that are not only cute have their own little storage and Maileg has all of it. This Ballet School Set comes with a few accessories and are perfectly designed to go with their other best sellers the Maileg Dancing Cat and Mouse, which are sold separately.


All around Eva & Rose does not disappoint with their product range, quality and price. All the brands they work with are the absolute best you can find when it comes to imaginative play. From toys to accessories you will find something your little one and you will fall in love with.

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