LoveLox Personalised Lockets Review

LOVELOX is a brand new British brand, specialising in beautiful personalised lockets, made by hand from precious metals and natural diamonds. LOVELOX offered me to design a locket for myself to see how easy the process is, and I am very impressed with the end result. With Valentines Day coming up imminently, these personalised lockets would make a lovely gift idea especially as you can make it so meaningful with your choice of photographs and inscription. 

Inside my locket, I decided to include my children. Like any mum, they are the most precious thing in my life. So for my engraving,  I decided to get all four of their initials included on the outside of the locket. The first day that I was wearing the locket, they all noticed the letters on there and straight away saw that these letters are for all of them – even my little 4 year old noticed this and was so proud to see it. For the engraving, you can choose whichever type of font you prefer to customise the final look and effect of your locket. You need to keep it quite short, I believe the maximum letters was around 9 so you can easily fit a name, or initials, or one word but will not fit a longer quote simply because this will not fit into the space in an easily readable way. 

On the inside of the locket, you can upload and add your own picture with the choice of adding on just one side, or both sides.  For Valentines, it would also be really nice to add a picture of yourself and your partner, even a wedding photo, or you could put a photo of a location that’s meaningful to you both, or anything that you like. The beauty of this gift is that it’s totally personalised. 

For my photo, I decided to use the same picture on both sides of the locket, but split it in half so that all of my kids are spread across the locket when you open it. To fit four children into a small space like this, you need to be a bit creative and I am really happy with how it came out. This photo is one which makes me so happy, because I look at it and I instantly remember that place and time, how we were together as a family, relaxing and carefree. This picture was taken at Lake Garda in the summer of 2019, which is the last family holiday we went on together before the Corona Virus lockdowns started. We are eagerly waiting and hoping to have the opportunity to travel together again, so carrying this picture with me gives me good memories and hope for future, as well as carrying my four beautiful kids with me. 

The LOVELOX locket comes nicely packaged in a gift box, and is well presented for giving as a gift – for Valentines or any meaningful occasion in the year. 

Overall, the process of creating my personalised locket was so easy and user friendly and the finished quality is great. If you are looking for a meaningful piece of jewellery, I would definitely recommend you to check out their website:

There are a variety of styles to chose from on the website, with Gold, silver, diamonds added,  different shapes… so take a look and see which one catches your eye. 

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