How to Make a Wall Mounted Wooden Children’s Bookcase DIY Step by Step

Today we will take you through step by step how to make your own wall mounted wooden book shelves.

These wooden shelves were made to store books for a playroom, but there is nothing to prevent the dimensions being adjusted to suit other items.

Wall mounted Children's Book shelves DIY tutorial. How to make wooden shelves for the playroom wall, as a front facing book case

These shelves are made from a set of three wooden boxes. You can increase the quantity of boxes that you put together to create a full wall of the book shelves, depending on the space you have to use.

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Easy Essential Painting Tips from Experts

Thinking of painting for a personal project but don’t know where to start? Read this article for useful tips from professionals and create your masterpiece.

When it comes to DIY projects, painting is often a crucial step. As beginners or someone with no experience, the task of painting may seem overwhelming. It is necessary to have the coloring done with utmost care and finesse.

No one likes their masterpiece being ruined with an amateur finish with shoddy paintwork. There are some instances, where certain household items like furniture and walls need a fresh coat of paint. Getting them repainted by professionals can cost a big amount of money. Therefore, many take the work of painting on themselves to reduce the cost. Whether your project is home improvements or artwork, it is wise to know some basic painting techniques. This article will discuss useful and easy painting tips from experts.

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Practical DIY Projects You Can Do to Improve Your Home

Embarking on the occasional DIY project is something that garners interest from a large percentage of people. That said, even when we have the right ideas – and the best intentions – by our side, it can be hard to know how or when to start. 

However, there is a solution for those people, and that is to do DIY projects around the house that are practical in nature and able to aid you in some way. 

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How to make a Gruffalo costume for World Book Day

It’s nearly Thursday 4th March, which means that World Book day is just around the corner. And if you’re one of the 40% of parents making their child’s costume from scratch this year – according to a survey by Kiddi Caru – you may be looking for some creative inspiration. 

Harry Potter tops the list of most popular World Book Day costumes this year, after the question was posed to over 750 parents, with the simple outfit of a uniform, cape and wand, seemingly easy to hand make. Disney Princesses are the second favoured choice, with Elsa from Frozen being a firm favourite. The Gruffalo took third position as the most popular costume this year, with Julia Donaldson’s books always proving to be a favoured character choice. 

So, with that in mind, why not get your children involved and invite them to help you make their Gruffalo costume, with these easy, crafty homemade costume ideas. Also lets use World Book Day to remember to actually focus on reading. There is a recent survey that revealed only 18% of adults read to their child for at least 20 minutes a day, even though increased reading for this length of time correlates with gross lifetime earnings, and academic success.

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How to Make Your Own High Quality Wax Liquidizer

What is Wax Vaporizer and what is it used for? If you’re looking for a great way to make high quality homemade vaporizer fluid, then this article will show you how to use wax vaporizer to make quality, organic, and tasty cannabis based e-liquid. Wax Vaporizer does not contain any tobacco, VG (vegetable glycerin), THC, or mineral oil.

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10 Easy DIY Improvement Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

Instead of allowing your children to grow up believing that they need a handyman to take care of any repair or maintenance job in the house, you should teach them to be their own superheroes. Teaching them how to do numerous small repairs all over the house will build their confidence. And with time, they can upgrade to bigger projects. So here are some easy projects that you can do with your kids:

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