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As a child, it was always exciting when the toy catalogues came through the door in the run up to Christmas! We recently got our hands on the new Smyth Toys catalogue, and there’s so much choice with 300 pages full of toy inspiration to get you ready for the festive season. We have a Christmas day birthday for our youngest child who will be turning 1, and another December birthday for our second boy who will be turning 8, so it’s definitely shopping season in our house!

What I really like about Smyths Toys is that they have such a wide range of toys and games, especially as we have a wide age range of kids to buy for – from 0 to 9 years old.

My boys usually direct themselves straight to the video games section. Recently they’ve been eagerly awaiting the FIFA 18 release, so they were very impressed that Smyths had midnight opening from the Thursday night meaning that people could buy it at the earliest possible time. (Although I have to admit, we didn’t make it down there at midnight, especially as it was a school night – maybe if it had been released in the school holidays!) We did buy them the game (for Ps4) at a more reasonable time though, and they have been really loving it.

As for the youngest member of the family, with her birthday coming up, I’m thinking about investing in some ride ons, and toys for the garden. It may be winter, but she’s a really active one and loves being outdoors. You can’t go wrong with a cosy coupe car so that’s definitely on my list. I also love the look of the ride on horses that you can get from Smyths, once she’s a little bit bigger.

I couldn’t resist buying her a couple of things for now, as well as getting ideas for her birthday. So I ordered the Fisher Price Smart Stages handbag from Smyths online using some vouchers we’d been sent. The delivery was very quick, and Smyths over free delivery when you spend just 20 pounds which is really reasonable!

The Fisher-Price bag sings songs, and comes with a phone, keys, mirror, bracelet and pretend credit card inside. N is really into filling and emptying containers at the moment, and in exploring items like phones and keys so this toy links in well with her current interests. She’s been enjoying taking everything out and examining all of the contents of the bag.

Smyths Toys currently have a 25% sale on, so visit the website or your local store to see what bargains you can pick up, and pick up your FREE copy of the 300 page catalogue in-store too.

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