Clearing Out, and Cashing In – with eBay!

Selling our unwanted items on eBay always seems to be on my to-do list but I can be a bit of a procrastinator so in the past they’ve sometimes ended up sitting in piles around the house for ages and ages.

Mumsnet challenged us to list at least two items on eBay, so that gave me the push I needed and actually having seen the amount of money we were able to make with not too much effort, I will definitely make time to eBay more things in future.

The two items we listed were a watch of my husbands, which he’d bought in the airport for a work trip. He since bought an Apple watch so never uses the other one now, and it was quite expensive so we’d been meaning to sell that and recoup some of the cost. The second item I listed was my DSLR camera, along with a bundle of camera accessories. I’ve mostly been using my phone to take pictures lately, and I’m wanting to upgrade to the iPhone X when that’s out so decided to part ways with my Canon camera. It’s been well loved over the years, but it’s time for someone else to have it now who will get more use out of it than I have been lately.

We used the eBay app to list the items, and then logged in via the laptop just to tweak the listings a bit and add more to the description. Here’s a quick video showing our listing process for the items…

Our auctions ended last night, and the total for both listings came to over 550 pounds, which I’m pretty happy with!

It’s great to be able to clear out unwanted items and make space as well as getting money for my savings account which I’m planning to put towards holidays. We have a lot of clutter in our home. It’s not ‘junk’ at all, with many of the things being quite expensive and barely used! But as we don’t have enough space for everything, in some cases I’d rather just sell it and have the money, and get some space back.

We also have loads of baby items around the house and babies develop so fast that some of N’s toys and equipment was only used for a month or two before she’d moved on again! So next I’m planning to sell on some of her bigger items that she’s finished with, like her jumperoo, which will definitely free up some space.

Ideally I would like to reduce the amount of “stuff” in our home, and use the money earned to pay for experiences instead. Whether that be full holidays, or even just days out like taking the children to the zoo it all adds up with four kids, so every amount earned by selling things on eBay would come in handy!

Hopefully I will keep up with the listings, and I wonder how much I can make overall just from our no-longer-needed stuff!

For more eBay selling tips, check out their simple selling guide.

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