Top Room Décor Tips for Your New Born Baby Girl

Preparing for the birth of a newborn requires a lot. Sometimes, it could be fun, and other times, it is overwhelming. The joy of the expectation is fulfilled at birth for both parents and other well-wishers. The parents forget the pains and stress they underwent before the arrival of the baby. However, there is much more while raising the little one as there are endless thoughts on ensuring the baby’s comfort. 

Are you an expectant mother who looks forward to her first mothering experience? Or a caring father who wants to secure an exquisite baby experience for your wife and the baby? Perhaps an interior designer is on the lookout for babies’ interior design ideas to make a room a happy place? Either small or big ones, baby rooms are pertinent for the comfort of a newborn. So, carefully read this post to discover tips on interior designs. 

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  • Baby’s Crib

One of the most important things to consider in a room décor is the crib for the baby. When choosing a crib, do not consider only the present moment. Have a long-term mindset because many babies sleep in their cribs for three or more years. Bear in mind that the main goal of a crib design is to support a child’s standing position. So be meticulous about your choice.

Storage Accessories

Room décor designs for newborns automatically demand a storage facility. Babies can be as dependent as you can imagine. So, you must ensure the setup of a standard storage facility for baby accessories such as beddings, diapers, toys, and clothes. 

Again, in choosing a storage facility for the room décor, think long-term. This is because your baby will obviously grow older. It’s exciting how a growing baby needs more storage space, especially if it is a girl! 

Another factor to consider when choosing a storage facility is to store with many drawers. Why? You may ask. The female child requires extra items than the boys as they grow. Hence, if you are looking into the long-term, consider the storage space.

  • Suitable Babies Beds

Once the crib is available, you will have to deck it up with the baby bedding. Consider two things when planning a nursery set up for your baby girl: aesthetics and comfort. 

Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the appreciation of beauty and nature. Asides from aesthetics, the comfort of the child is very paramount. The bed should support the child’s sleeping or sitting position.

Amazing Color Options

You can build a color palette (remember the baby). The aim is to use colors that your baby girl will find attractive, lively, and interesting. 

So, you may want to consider attractive and bright colors like brilliant blue, pink, peach, and silky white. Or, primary hues like black, white, and grey; subtle yellows and white, and lastly, baby pink and light grey. You can also pick your style while incorporating a theme for the room. 

Standing Changing Table

The importance of a standing changing table cannot be overemphasized as far as baby décor is concerned. The table is used to change nappies while placed as a bedside table. Make sure it matches the color of other equipment in the room. You could consider the changing top if you are limited on space.

Colorful Wall Arts

A crucial factor in baby room décor is aesthetics, and one of the ways to beautify the baby room is through colorful wall arts. Make sure you select beautiful colors like pink, red, or purple for your baby girl. Some color experts say purple is the new pink. Purple wall art is soothing when used in cool shades. 

However, be careful when picking the shade because purple may likely be darker after its application on the wall. This is why we would suggest shades such as lavender and lilac. You can always alternate purple with a neutral color. More so, you can choose your wall art from minimalist, nature, wooden, or floral designs.  You can find some of the best inspirations for amazing pink wall arts here

  • Wall Shelves for Nursery

Generally, rooms’ shelves look more orderly and organized. Incorporate shelves in the baby room for creams, lotions, thermometers, nail clippers, hanging closet. You can also place the wall shelves near the changing table. 


Before decorating the room, you could split it into four parts- furniture, wall paint, décor, and accessories. This will help to plan better and ensure you attend to all the minute details. The abovementioned tips cover all these parts. Hence, read and perhaps, re-read for better consumption and understanding. Hopefully, the tips above can help you form a better decision-making process.

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