A Professional Resume Writer’s Five Most Important Factors You Selling Yourself Short on Your Resume?

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By Luciana Oliveira

Do you have a job interview coming up? Are you feeling anxious about applying for your next job? Your resume may be the most important factor in whether or not you get the job. But many people don’t realize how vital their resumes are, and end up making some mistakes that often result in missing opportunities.

On the other hand, professional resume writers know how to sell their clients on the role of a resume. Today, we’re going to go over what those important things are and how you can make them work for you.


How does a resume sell itself?

A resume has a lot of potential, but also many different ways it can go wrong. The trick is to refrain from making your resume any worse than it already is.

Below are the five factors that matter the most.

Relevance To Position 

Are you presenting the skills and accomplishments that most closely match the job description. The first question you must ask yourself is “What IS my resume trying to accomplish?” Your resume is trying to accomplish two things:

  1. A) Get your foot in the door, and
  2. B) Land you a job interview.

If your resume does not directly produce these results, then it has failed the test of relevance. You have failed to sell yourself to the prospective employer because you did not present relevant information that they could use.

Concision And Directness 

Is your resume format clean and clear, not cluttered with unnecessary fluff. If you are using a chronological resume, then the most important factor to consider is how to present your accomplishments in a clean, clear, concise format. On your resume, you are trying to sell yourself – but the employer does not want to read a novel. You must present tangible results that the employer can easily digest and connect with what they need for their organization.

So remember: keep it focused on relevant work experience (industry-specific positions), relevant skills and equipment used if you have them, and relevant accomplishments .

 Attention To Detail 

 Have you checked for typos and grammatical errors:

After you have prepared your resume, you will give it to a resume reader. If the resume is poorly formatted, it will be returned to you with countless edit requests, and the employer will most likely suspect that you are not yet ready for a job interview.

(A good tip is to read through your work experience immediately after printing it out – if there are grammatical errors anywhere in the document, those errors might get magnified when printed.  

furthermore , people tend to read other peoples’ writing in a more critical manner. For example, if you are reading a book that is poorly written, you will probably notice more errors and not be able to get through it as easily!)

Expertise In Presentation 

Is your paper formatted beautifully, readable without awkward scrolling:

A well-designed, clear resume usually looks like this:

However, many resumes are totally illegible – a typical resume reader might spend so much time struggling to read these resumes that they will not even bother to review them. Also , if you are using a resume that is too long, it may take up too much time for someone to read, and they will not spend nearly as much time looking at your skills and experience.

A resume written by a professional resume writer uses all of the above criteria (and more) to ensure that you land a job interview –  and this is something that YOU can’t do by yourself. The good news is if you are in the market for a professional resume writer, I am here for you.

Overall Personal Impression

 Is your paper professionally written and/or professionally designed.

Your resume is probably the first thing you will present to a potential employer in order for them to evaluate your qualifications. If you are presenting an impressive, professional-looking resume, they will most likely judge you in a positive light.

Furthermore , a professional resume writer will ensure that your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors, that it looks good on paper, and that it is well-formatted to fit the job description.

Not all resumes will be equally relevant to each job that you apply to. Even if you have the same job title and similar work experience, a prospective employer may not view your resume as relevant for the position. The only way that your resume can be judged as relevant is by comparing it directly with the job description in order to ensure that it corresponds exactly with what is needed for the position.

Therefore, for this job in that company, you should include ALL of the objective listed for the job, and no more. Only include what is specifically demanded by the employer. Include only what is demanded by the employer and it will make it easy to determine if your resume is relevant.

Resumes that are too long will not sell themselves therefore leaving more than enough room for a professional resume writer to create a professional-looking cover letter which will most likely sell itself.


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