Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills


College life comes with many challenges. A student must overcome many hurdles to leave college with a proud face successfully. One of the most challenging things to master in college is essay writing. This article will shine light upon seven tips to improve your writing skills. 

Start Reading

A good writer is always a good reader. If you want to improve writing skills, start reading novels. Reading books can help increase your vocabulary, and you might learn new expressions that will make your essay remarkable. Reading is also good for your brain; it helps you learn the sentence structures of well-reputed books which can make you an excellent story writer. Writing is a prestigious art. Knowing complicated vocabulary is not the only thing that can help improving writing skills; you must also learn how to boost the readability of the essay. This means that your essay should flow well so that the reader might easily understand the content. If you want to become an excellent writer, read anything and everything. Within a couple of weeks, you will notice that your vocabulary has significantly improved. Start using new words in random conversations and don’t be shy if someone points out your mistake. You will eventually learn from these mistakes and become an excellent writer. College students also struggle to craft the best resume to apply for part-time jobs. If you are a student in a similar situation, there are various resume services online that can help create the best resume. 

Avoid Passive Voice

Passive voice must be avoided at all costs while writing. This is because the passive voice uses more words and does not paint a clear and unambiguous picture of the content. Most scholarly articles and books never use a passive voice in their literature; they say that using passive voice gives an unprofessional colour to the text. Using active voice results in shorter, sharper and perfectly clear sentences that are easy to read and understand. Active voice also results in constructing a strong bond with the reader as it helps in captivating the audience. An active voice sentence structure is more efficient and creative for the reader to understand. Some benefits of active voice include:

  • Makes the reader more interested in the context
  • Creates a stronger connection with the reader
  • Makes it easier for students who have low-level English proficiency in understanding. 
  • Looks more catchy

If you still find it hard to craft an essay? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Now you won’t lack behind on assignments, no more bad grades. There are hundreds of services where you can pay for essay. You can easily hire an expert writer from an online writing agency and sit freely while your work is being done. The best part about these services is that most of them are cheap and affordable for a student. 

Always Research

Whenever someone asks me how to improve writing skills, I always tell them to conduct adequate research. College life is spontaneous and full of hectic activities. If you manage to take out some time from the daily activities to write an essay, make sure that you spend a significant amount of time researching the topic. Firstly, research will increase your knowledge because it will make you familiar with new concepts and studies worldwide. While reading existing literature, you will understand the writing and formatting styles of research papers; this will help you in college assignments. Make a habit of reading at least two similar styles of writing assignments before starting your own. Studying a sample will help you understand the referencing styles and formats.

Create An Outline

Improving writing skills is a continuous process. You cannot become a master in a few days; it takes time and hard work. Before starting with your assignment, try making a rough draft. An outline of the document will help you improve your essay, which will eventually improve your writing. Some professional writers can also produce a remarkable essay in one go, but they are also prone to mistakes. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Practice regularly and start with the actual essay only when you are sure that you understand the topic that lies before you. 

Use Online Tools To Improve Vocabulary

If you are a novice English writer, you should focus on improving your grammar above all. College professors are always looking for grammatical errors in an assignment so that they can reduce marks. If English is your second language, you will surely make grammatical mistakes in your essays. To avoid this, use an online tool to identify and correct your grammar mistakes. An example of such a tool is Grammarly. This is a tool that is easily downloaded from the internet. It looks for grammar, clarity, delivery, and engagement issues in a document. Once these mistakes are identified, it automatically corrects them with your command. If you want to improve your grammar, use such tools. It will help you learn so that you won’t make mistakes in future assignments. 

Engage With Other

If you want to improve your English technical writing skills, engage with others in the same language.  Most students from foreign countries hesitate in speaking English with others; this is because their English is broken and they feel humiliated if someone makes fun of them. Never hesitate in speaking English in front of others, this will make your speaking fluent, and you can also correct your mistakes by the help of other people. You will see that your speaking skills are getting better and you are getting more comfortable with speaking English rather than your first language. Always remember that a good English speaker is a good English writer. 

Watch TV Shows

Do you want to have fun and improve your writing skills simultaneously? We have the perfect thing for you. Start watching TV shows with subtitles. American TV shows use native English language, which can help a person learn a great deal. If you don’t understand a word, note it down and research later on. The best part about watching TV shows is that you can learn and improve upon a whole new language without being bored. The TV show actors also use remarkable expressions in the English language for you to learn. After writing your essay, make sure that you proofread and edit several times to point out your mistakes. 


The list of writing skills mentioned above will turn you into an excellent writer.  If you follow these tips, you will notice a significant difference in your speaking and writing. Make sure to read regularly so that you can further improve. 


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