(AD) Protecting Our Family with Steril-eeze

This year has definitely been very different for most of us, and lots of new things have slowly become part of our lives and routines… like hand sanitiser. The constant hand washing and sterilising is helpful to keep germs away, but can sometimes be rough especially on little hands. Recently we discovered a new hand sanitiser brand – Steril-eeze – which is alcohol free and kind to hands, while remaining just as effective as other brands. For me, that’s great news as I feel more comfortable using a gentle and alcohol free product especially with my children.

Steril-eeze contains hypochlorus acid and is suitable for using on your hands and also on surfaces, so you have all bases covered. With three different sizes, you can take the smaller one out in your bag easily meaning that you can stick to your preferred brand while out and about. While hand sanitiser is supplied in many shops, you probably won’t have chance to stop and check the ingredients before using that so it can be more reassuring to bring your own.

Steril-eeze polled many women and found that 72% of women had experienced dryness and changes with their hands since the start of the lockdowns, and I definitely experienced that myself previously so it’s great to find products like Steril-eeze with alternative ingredients.

If you haven’t heard about hydrochlorus acid, here’s a short video explaining all about it and what makes Steril-eeze so effective.

Steril-eeze is also very quick to dry, and doesn’t sting which is great for the kids. We don’t want using hand sanitiser to become a stressful thing for them especially as my youngest is only three years old.

I find the bigger Steril-eeze spray handy to keep in the kitchen and spray down all the surfaces to keep them hygienic and fresh. As you can see on the bottle, Steril-eeze kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, so I feel confident that it will help keep our home clean and protected, not only from Covid 19 but from all of the many bugs that are normally around at this time of year.

Throughout all of the challenges of this year, I try to keep our family life as normal as possible during these difficult times so having good products to rely on and give you peace of mind is quite reassuring.

Steril-eeze is available in Morrisons, or online at Amazon – so wwhether you’re able to go out to the supermarkets or are isolating at home, they have got you covered.

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